Intolerance seems to be returning after a year

Hi, new to the site and hoping someone can give me soon pointers. Following years of mild problems that started getting a lot worse, doc had tests done about 15 months ago I was found to be non celiac and my problems were put down as intolerance, following been put on gf free diet within a few days of going gf I started feeling better and over the year was a lot lot better keeping to a gf diet. Unfortunately over the past few months things seem to be going backwards with stomach upsets bolting etc returning at times. I have not changed anything in diet as far as I can see. The only thing is problems seem to have started returning since I was hit by a virus at the end of last year that put me off work for about 3 weeks, (flu back pain etc ended up in hospital for 5 days) I have I idea if this is related. Any pointers would be most welcome

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  • Hi! I share your experience - been on a gf diet for 3 years and it was working wonders - but lately symptoms seem to be coming back even though nothing changed. I was browsing a bit and came across the FODMAP diet - which is basically gf and lactose free too, but eliminates certain food items (veg and fruit) which might trigger symptoms. Am giving it a try...hopefully it works!

  • I had problems for years until I visited a homeopath. She gave me extensive allergy tests which confirmed intolerance to numerous things such as caffeine, dairy and citrus, as well as animals, rape seed etc.

    The good thing is now, that I can eat these things (as long as they are g/f !) but know that I will pay for it the next day.

    I do sometimes feel though, especially since my coeliac diagnosis that 80% of what I consume leaves me with mumblings/gas/or worse.

    Homeopath is my best advice.

  • I had this after a Pneumonia last Xmas , I had 4 different antibiotics intravenously and I didn't feel right until recently after I cut down on dairy for a while and took probiotics. My doctor said the antibiotics at the doses i had literally swept through my system ad left it impaired again.

  • Taking some high strength probiotics should help your guts to repair, if they have been damaged. Possibly keep a food diary to see if you can point any particular problems. Unfortunately lactose intolerance is very common and can have similar effects to gluten.

    The FODMAPS diet has been mentioned several times on this site, if you type it into the search box you will find past discussions.

  • Thank you all for your replys, it's given me a lot of things to look into. Jessiepup, your problems follow pneumonia is most interesting in my case it was a virus that ended up affecting my whole system over a few weeks with the end result of a call out for the doctor trip in ambulance followed by 5 days in hospital on different meds and it's been since then that most problems seem to have occurred. I will have a look into fodmap diets it sounds interesting.


  • I am sorry I can't help

  • Have been looking at the fodmap diet and am a bit puzzled, under lists of not to eat are green bell peppers but under safe to eat are red bell peppers. As they are from same plant this seems somewhat odd any ideas?

  • Hi Mike, green peppers are not ripe, so would turn red if left on the plant, they also contain less vitamin C and are more bitter whereas red peppers are sweeter. Yellow peppers are in between green and red peppers for ripeness.

    So I believe that green peppers create more gas in our guts than ripe red peppers.

  • Thanks Jerry, not thought of it that way

  • I understand peppers belong to the nightshade family (as do tomatoes and several other vegs/fruit) and some people are sensitive to them...... just another complication to add to your problems!

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