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Anyone suffer after an endoscopy?

Hi all

So I had an endoscopy for the first time yesterday morning after very high TTG IGA readings. I was ok afterwards...just a bit sore. But I've been up all night with awful stomach pains and bloating. Today I look and feel like I've swallowed a football and am really uncomfortable and have a banging headache. I was awake,,,,,I didn't have sedation. The only thing I ate yesterday was a I couldn't eat before it and didn't want anything afterwards until tea time.

Anyone else?


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It's good to hear that you've now had your endoscopy.

In answer to your question, I was belching and farting for about 24 hours afterwards! (I didn't tell you any of this beforehand because there was no point worrying you).

I don't remember having any stomach ache but I do remember feeling very fatigued on the following day. Instead of doing Tai Chi, my teacher allowed me to meditate in the corner, to try and get my energy levels back up - and it seemed to help a little.

I also remember drinking plenty of fluids for the first few hours and only having a light meal at first. I had my final gluten foods on the evening of the endoscopy and as I said before, I went gluten-free the following day.

If it doesn't improve I suggest that you go back to the doctors or the hospital. I really hope you feel better soon.

Take care.


It kills because they fill you full of gas (so the tube can slide easily through your intestines) so you are full of wind. During my last one they extracted the gas with another tool but I was still windy.


The blood vessels in my eyes burst when the tube was pulled out causing me to have problems with my vision for a day afterwards & the whites of my eyes were red for some time after that. I haven't said this before on any groups I'm a member of because of scaring anyone already nervous about it but that's what happened to me. If I ever need another I'm asking to be knocked out!


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