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Is it me or has the fibre sliced loaf from Juvela become almost inedible, it has no life and is like chewing cardboard? ( I only used it for toast but now I even find this a horrible experience, and I have to pick off the crusts to have any hope of getting it down) Unfortunately I have just picked up my 12 month pre-prescription prescriptions so I am "sort of" locked in to getting 8 loaves a months of this stuff, yuk

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  • I accidentally ordered brown glutafin..Its absolutely disgusting..and like you I had 8 loaves in the freezer and, as I hate waste, I am slowly working my way through them...Yuk.. I actually thought the fibre loaf from Juvela was okay..

  • It seems to have changed within the last 2 months, which is when my new pre-order started-- typical

  • You can change your repeat prescription, just have a chat with your Dr and they will sort it out.

    As for chewing cardboard have you not come across chewing gum...

  • Totally agree! I think it's awful! The only gluten free bread I can tolerate is Dietary Special frozen rolls (with lots of butter)..!!

  • I have only just found these, and like them , however I eat them as soon as I defrost them so I do not know what they are like for picnics/packed lunches, at long last I can have a bacon butty without the roll falling apart

  • Ha Ha, I have to say I have not really tried cardboard --- I have had some bread with the seeds in and found it feels slimy ( I found the same when I tried the " full of gluten " Burgen bread before diagnosis) so may be I am just being finicky or my tastes have changed , I no longer eat the custard and bourbon creams as they seem very grainy now and hurt my mouth.

    I will approach my GP but I do not hold much hope as the last time I tried to change a GF product you would have thought I asked for the Crown jewels--- My surgery no longer prescribes biscuits but some other surgeries here in Plymouth do ( does not bother me but some people , mainly old ladies, are missing them)

  • Plymouth ehh, this may interest you: gfreebythesea.me/tag/saltash/ I came across it looking for gf pasties. I also love the heading 'coeliac get pizza the action' as it appeals to my humour.

    As for changing your script you haven't got the remaining 11 yet so it makes no difference to them, that's my opinion.

    I also think that with the growing number of diagnosed coeliac that biscuits on prescription is not a necessity, I'd also send Apricot (Janet) a message asking about Wellfoods bread on prescription as they are one of the few independent gf food suppliers and supply fresh gf bread on prescription: wellfoods.co.uk/gluten-free/

  • Hi Jerry, my doc gives me 12 prescriptions all at once which I hand into the pharmacy, they simply get out each 'script each month and i collect everything from them, this is probably why they do not like replacing the scripts as I could, in theory run both sets at the same time. The biccy thing is not an issue for me but it underlines the patchyness of G/F food prescribing

  • Hi again, I would tell your chemist that you want to change your prescription and ask for the unissued ones back and then armed with them have a chat with your GP and let him see you're not going to be fobbed off. I don't bother with prescription food for many reasons and one is I like to be in control of what I buy and when and found the whole prescription route made me feel too dependent on others and with the cuts to prescriptions I feel free of all that. And I buy Doves farm gf flour's and bake my own bread, cakes and biscuits, so it is all down to me.

    But gf food on prescription is there for a purpose and I support those who do rely on it, so it's how you go about this and it will be well worth the effort, methinks.

  • Hi Jerry, did not think of going back to GP with the 'scripts . From what I have read most of the prescription bread is unpleasant so maybe I will not bother with it . The thing is, why do the manufacturers improve their products? It is too late to put it right after customers have moved to another maker.

    I have tried making my own bread ( with an appropriate maker) YUK but I make buns/biscuits etc

    Thanks for taking the time to help me resolve the prescription quandry.

  • hiya i have juvella too as you say like cardboard but i changed it to the part baked loaf witch is lovley so try and change yourf bread good luck xx

  • I don't understand why it has to be so vile (other than the fact that prescriptions distort the market).

    M&S seeded GF is not too bad and the only GF bread I will buy now. Pity you can't get that from your pharmacy!

    I used to like the little Genius loaves but I cannot stand the bigger ones the supermarkets now have, a different recipe, nor can I abide that Warburton GF brand (Newburn or whatever it's called).

    Have you tried making your own? If you have the time I would thoroughly recommend it.

  • A slice makes for a good coaster or wedge under a leg if you have a wobbly table! My favourite is the Genius seeded loaf but I found a cheaper alternative from asda. Their own free from brand seeded loaf is fine and cheaper than genius. The loaf size is very small though (as seems to be the way will everything in the free from sections).

  • I think you are entitled to ask for the crown jewels any time you like! Put up your best fight and get it changed....

  • I totally agree with Juvella products, they have changed the receipes and not for the better that's for sure. The only bread I have found that actually tastes nice is Warburtons Free From - brown or white, they're both nice and they do lovely submarine rolls in a 3 pack too. The only downside is that you can't get them on prescription so they can be a bit costly to purchase.

  • I stopped making GF bread, tasted great once it was baked, then the next day seemed to turn to dry sawdust, yuk. I now make a couple of rice flour and maize flour pancakes instead I use 50gm riceflour 50gm maizeflour 1 egg 100gm soyamilk 100gm water and a drop of rapeseed oil to fry the mix in. works well dunking in homemade soup, sandwiches etc.

  • Sounds good Jointpain I will give this a go

  • I regularly ordered this on prescription and until beginning of this year I liked it better than any other GF bread however I agree it has changed, can't eat it now and now I don't order it at all :( My bread consumption has dived now except for the occasional DS frozen roll (very nice though not comparable to "real" rolls and sometimes their DS ciabattas

  • Forgot to say I hand in my wishes to prescriptions nurse and she sorts it out for me with no problems

  • Am glad it's not just me, as I find Juvela bread is eally awful now. As you say, just like cardboard, and I only use it for toast. I can go to my GP and they will change my script for me. My friend has Genius on script, so will see if i can.I bought an M&S seeded brown on offer and I had the most lovely sandwich. I make my own cakes with Doves farm SR Flour, and you can't tell the difference. I changed from Glutafin to Juvela, so now on to the next

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