Seeded Genius Bread on prescription?

I get Genius brown bread on prescription for my 5 year old daughter. Since Genius have launched their seeded bread and she has tasted it, she much prefers the seeded bread to the white or brown bread. Unfortunatly the seeded bread is not available on prescription. I phoned Genius and they said that they regret to say that the seeded bread is classed by the responsible authority as a 'luxury item' as opposed to brown and white bread being part of the staple diet! I wondered how other people feel about this, as I figure the seeded bread probably has more nutritional value than the white or brown bread?

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  • Genius seeded bread is the best GF bread I have tried, or rather closest to "real" bread. You won't get it on prescription and many PCTs are moving away from fresh baked bread because of the cost and delivery charges.

    My local PCT does not permit any Genius products :-( favouring instead the cheaper, nasty, sponge-like "yuk-bread" which had to be toasted and with which one could hammer in nails.....

    I have therefore gone "off piste" and buy my own.

  • I understood that the seeded bread in some people can cause problem with the seeds being the irritant to the stomach or the intestines, though I dont have a problem with it. Has anyone found a decent recipe for making gluten free bread that doesn't taste like yuk bread? I bought some bread mix in Lakeland but although there was a wonderful smell in the kitchen, it too was more like cake and a bit hard. So back to Genius for me, even though its pricey!

  • Not tried baking my own bread yet- next on the things to do. Was wondering if you have tried the 'Doves Farm' GF range of flours etc. Had my 1st batch of their GF self raising flour as part of a GF mixed batch of food that one of my friends gave me as a birthday prezie. Got to say to me it was a much more thoughtful prezie than the usual smellies. As we all know how you have to search around in super markets to find our stuff. I made a lovely sponge with, chocolate butter cream filling & melted a combination of Aldi's & Thorntons GF milk chocolate over the top. Thinking the chocolate didn't mask the potential 'yuk' taste then smothering it with custard for the rest of the family ..would. After a few tentative volunteer tasters. It was pronounced as 'Yummy!' By my daughters/partner. Not at all like my usual 'disabled' food. Which is the families standing I'm considered to have a disabled bottom! Have made enquiries if the Doves range is available on prescription, without succedd. Which surprises me, as when I looked at the prices on line, they were much cheaper than Glutafin etc. My friend got it from Asda. Not seen the flour anywhere else yet. Hope this helps. Carona

  • Hi No I havent see that flour must keep an eye open for it. Your sponge sounds fab, I did laugh at your family's description of our "disabled" status arent families great? I get that too. Our local Asda is quite small but Ill look in one of the bigger ones.

    Actually it just helps to talk to people with the same mission to keep searching for more and better than we can choose from at the moment, Im sure its bound to come eventually and hopefully before too long :-) Thanks Alison

  • I tried both the dove's farm gf flour and the bread mix...made the best Yorkshire puds ever with the self raising flour....then made a lovely moist soft fruit loaf with the bread mix...they are winners!

  • Hi We have used Dove Farm GF flour for all our baking of Battercakes. You can buy on line. It used to be in the range supplied by Morrisons but at has gone from their shelves. I'm told that Morrisons will soon be doing their own range.

    The Dove Farm is made with rice, potato, buckwheat and tapioca flour. You can also get Glebe Farm gf flour, but it contains Xanthum Gum which we have found makes more of a crust on our pancakes - but it maybe better for breads etc. No one has ever commented on the fact that our Battercakes are Gluten Free, and that the taste has been effected - coeliacs are happy when they don't have to ask for anything special. thrilled customer was heard to say - at last street food that we can eat! I am enjoying learning about GF baking - there does seem to be a great deal of information and recipes out there.

  • have just spotted this thread,

    ha ha very apt, that fits me too.

    Just to add a yummy, have just made GF scones, a recipe in Phil Vickery's GF cookbook, a xmas pressie, substituted his flour mix with doves plain flour, like i said yummy especially with jam and cream. ( can feel the weight go on as i type!!!

    Must say it seems to be the larger stores that stock a good range of gf flour. Also for me Warburtons GF brown bread makes brilliant toast, it fills my craving for toast quite well.

  • I use Doves farm flour and its the best. You can get it in Morrisons and Tesco too

  • Off the subject slightly here- one of my drifts of thought! Marstons have opened a new pub not far from where I live. The 'Blue Jay', went for a drink with a friend after it had been open a few weeks. Asked one of the staff if they had a GF menu. Not only did she bring it for me to see, she'd also very thoughtfully made me a photo copy to keep. They have the Genius bread range there! So can have a range of sandwiches, burger in a GF bun etc. So non of that usual dilemma. Had their carvery on my next visit. Just had to ask for GF gravy. As made to order. Another recent 1st. For those living near to Derby. There is a chippy that does GF fish & chips on Saturday's & Monday's. It is in Heatherton village. Off Rykneld road. Had it as a treat, & my fella opted to get his there too. He said he couldn't tell the difference!

  • I live in Derby and have enjoyed chips and fish in batter all gluten free and from Heatherton fish and chip shop, Where is the pub you wrote about?

  • Sorry for delay in getting back to you, usual Sunday family stuff & only just looked at my mobile. The 'Blue Jay' is the new pub that has opened on that new traffic island, half way down Raynesway. It's a Marston's brewery pub, so my fella is well happy.

  • Thanks for getting back to me, I must try it. I went to the Harvester yesterday with my daughter. It was a quick lunch in her dinner hour. They gave me a list which showed what I could and coundn't have from the menu. I am going out with the group from Nottingham who are part of the Coeliac UK organisation We are going to the Manor at Toton. They are doing Christmas dinner for all the gluten free group.

  • Yes actually our local fish and chip shop does gluten free too, which is just great. If only it could be more universal in restaurants....I guess too if we keep asking, they will eventually get fed up and do somthing :-)

  • Hi Alison, I make my own bread with naturally gf flours and here's one of my recipes with pictures:

    There are other bread recipes on here with pictures as well.


  • Sounds interesting, where do you get these usual ingredients though? Alison

  • I buy the quinoa flour and flax seed (linseed) in my local wholefood shop. I buy psyllium husk on ebay. I buy it from the same person that I buy guar gum from.

    Tapioca starch I buy locally but is available on prescription and ground rice is available in supermarkets for rice puddings. I buy my rice flour and ground rice in an Asian shop near me they cost around 90p for 1Kg (I prefer the Pearl brand). I also have a Vietnamese supermarket near me and they sell tapioca starch. I sometimes buy ground linseed from Holland and Barrats HF shop when I buy pumpkin seeds as they do large bags.

    In case you are interested a combination of gums work better than just xanthan gum (they compliment each other) so you use less and get a better effect. Also most people who bake with naturally gf wheat flour flours use a mix of tapioca starch and rice flour + another flour so you could substiute maize meal potato starch soya flour etc for the quinoa. I like quinoa as it is very healthy and contains all the vital amino acids that our bodies need.

    I hope this helps,


  • This is the person that I buy psyllium husk and guar gim from, they send things the next day.

  • I just made a fruit loaf in my breadmaker and it was to die for. I adapted the recipe on the side of the Dove's farm gluten free white bread flour. It worked perfectly and was the nicest gf bread I have ever tasted. My husband , who is not gluten intolerent said it was better than the real thing...compliment indeed

  • In answer to the original question, luxury item used to mean cream/chocolate biscuits and cakes.

    I think that it's a sign of the times and fresh bread as said above is exspensive with delivery charges etc.

    I also feel that the prescription Co's have brought it upon themselves with their charges to the NHS. I wrote to CUK about it when it bacame common knowledge that the same flour is available in Germany for under 1/3 the price to the NHS and they replied that prescription charges were fair? fair on whom, was my thought. These Co's also sponsor CUK. And sadly it's the coeliac who gets the brunt of criticism in the press and by the reaction of some Gp's.

    So I am sorry that your 5 year old is suffering the consequences of others.


  • You are right in that the manufacturers over-price their products. One of the suggestions we made to our local PCT was that instead of doing it on prescription, give coeliacs vouchers to a certain allowance that would a) keep costs down for PCTs as they can allocate a precise amount per customer b) meet needs of coeliacs and c) get over the issues of expensive produce as the patients could use market forces to shop around and get cheaper pricing. (this countered their argument that delivery charges were too high and chemists struggled to meet supply).

    Whilst I knew it would be a challenge it was rejected as being too complex and they went back to the cynical approach of just putting products on there that were limited or that no-one in their right mind would use.

    Coeliac UK were involved throughout and were, as ever, disappointing.

  • Thank you Jerry. I agree it must be a sign of the times, but I think it is wrong to penalise people and especially children, as it does affect their quality of life.

  • Sorry to hear of your problem with the Genius bread. It must be difficult to watch a child being told they cannot have a certain bread, especially if you are trying to help them eat and stay healthy. I have the Genius white bread but have seen the seeded bread and it looks great. I might treat myself for Christmas.

  • Thank you for all of your comments. I am shocked and sorry to hear that some PCT's don't allow GP's to prescribe Genius bread. It really does taste so much better than any other GF bread available. The seeded breas has the best taste in my opinion. It should not become a postcode lottery

    whether you can have a better tasting product or not. It can be tough for coeliac kids to be on their special diet when all their friends c

    an have regular food.

  • It doesn't just end with food stuff's where little ones are concerned. Years before my own diagnosis, one of the pupils at the school where I used to work had CD. As it was a school for children with severe learning disabilities & autism, as a team we had to be extra careful of cross contamination in all aspects of the school day. Not just snack/ meal times. We used to make our own GF playdough. As little ones are prone to sucking their fingers & mouthing everything they play with.

  • I am going to change nfrom Juvela to Genius, as it is lovely bread. I tried the seeded the other day, and it was fantastic, but we cant have it as its expensive. I buy my own as i only eat a couple of slices a day. We coeliacs cant have it all, as I think we get good prescription items as it is.

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