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Hi ... just thought i would share with you all the best ever website for getting FANTASTIC gluten free bread rolls cakes etc

someone on the free from forum posted it and i thought id give it a go WELL i was like a child in a sweet shop :-)

if you go on the website you can buy a sample box which will cost you £15 ... that is £10 for the box of stuff and £5.00 delivery and you will get it in a couple of days of purchase ... it consists of

400g dusted white loaf

400g oat rolled cob

2 pack poppy&millet seeded knot roll they are large and the best ever

3 pack soft white sandwich rolls (sub rolls)

400g spiced fruit loaf

4 pack new york bagels

4 pack buttermilk pancakes

2 pack caramel and apple sponge flan

2 pack fruit and spiced belgian buns

4 pack chocolate chip muffins

4 pack individual sponge cakes

they are not sample sizes they are all big sizes and absolutely fantastic .

i now order all my rolls from there as they taste just like 'normal stuff and you can freeze everything thats in the box

so do try it

debs x

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Hi essexgirl, i have looked on their website and it does look delicious cant see antwhere to order the sample box, must be missing something, but then thats me all over!!!


LOL ...I just looked doesnt look likes its on there ... so maybe the best thing is to contact them and ask if they still do it ..... just say i want to sample your bread before i buy ...

if not i do urge you to try as i order mine separate now and buy in bulk coz the delivery is same price no matter how much you order ...

good luck and let me know


thanks I will send an email see what they come back with, will keep you posted


got in touch via email and the samples box ended friday!!!

have ordered a couple of items they did say they would send some free sample being new to the site. So cant wait to try them.


thank you for this...still struggling for the best bread....have emailed them x


apparently the sample pack finished last friday but they say if i make an order they will throw in some free samples too :)


sqwoooze you should order the poppy and millet knot rolls they are to die for i buy them in bulk now and freeze them

i hate all the GF breads and rolls but these once u try them u wont buy anything else

let me know how you get on :-)


hi essexgirl just recieved my delivery of bread, you are so right it is delicious, am munching my way through the oat rolled cob, yum yum, also bought the poppy and millet rolls plus the belgian buns, they sent 3 white sub rolls as a free sample. many thanks for mentioning it, i will only buy from them and freeze as you do

Big thanks i want to put kisses as well am so pleased!!!!!!


hi leslaki im so glad you loved what you bought .... isnt it fantastic wen you find something that taste just like "normal" bread .... i love the poppy and millet rolls i havent yet tasted the oat rolled cob ...

i hated all the GF breads you buy in shops so i just stopped eating bread untill now and i actually enjoy having sometiing lunchtime now

enjoy xx


hi all, i carn't find any gluten free bread that hasn't got egg in it,(carn't eat it) i miss my bread...:(


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