Juvela fresh clicked white loaf

I'm new here and have been a coeliac for many years. I get Juvela fresh white sliced gluten free bread on prescription and latest loaves received Friday last. Has anyone else noticed that this bread seems to have changed or is it just me? The texture seems different and I'd be really grateful if anyone out there could let me know if they think so too.

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  • i have noticed my genius bread has been falling apart before i open it and some have a large hole in middle so they must be changeing all the gluten free textures .

  • Only ever bought 1 genius product...never again. Sainsbury's own brand brown bread in dual packaging is quite good but is for toasting.

  • i have started to buy marks and spencers brown bloomer slices they now have a lot more gluten free foods now

  • I may give them a try are they okay for sandwiches ?

  • they are a full slice size make a good size sandwich you can not tell the drifents from a normal sandwich

  • Thank you so much..I will definitely give it a try, it's been ages since I ate a sandwich x

  • hope you enjoy

  • Hi there, I'm new to this too, I've been Coeliac for 5years on going & I used to order my fresh bread on prescription & I never got any long dates they were always 2 or 3 days left, so I then changed my bread from different supermarkets & I always found the bread kept getting crumbly, hokey & breaking up easily not forgetting that when I was eating it it felt like it was gluten you not very nice, so I've changed to Shar bread white or seeded & it's yum! x

  • Genius have definitely changed their recipe. I got one recently that said on the packaging it was their 'best ever recipe'. It was so dry I couldn't eat it. I wonder if they're all cutting down on the fat content. Gluten free bread is often higher in fat that ordinary bread to make it more palatable. Schar Wholesome Loaf is the best at the moment, I find.

  • I've found that most shar products are nice. Me and my eldest daughter have tesco free from seeded bread, it's really good! If you like seeded bread, I never ate white bread anyway and only buy bread occasionally as neither of us eat it very often. Think it's £2 a loaf and compared to many others it's a good size and feels/tastes like gluten bread, my two little ones didn't notice any difference ;) don't know if it's nationwide but our tesco has just had a big change around and their free from section is now huge to what it was

  • Im fairly new to gf but have tried loads of different breads since. Too sweet, too crumbly, too gritty. You name it its been one or other of them. Or just downright foul!

    I tried the glutafin loaf, for me its the best by far. Only on script and not sure if the sharr one from the shops would be the same but i would buy it if i needed to purchase a loaf.

  • At the moment when I do buy some bread I get the Sainsburys seeded loaf, but the slices are tiny... the others have holes, Genius particularly, M&S bloomers crumbles and is dry, Tesco loaf is good but my local Tesco only seems to have Genius and not their own brand ! Shar is good but their slices are very tiny for the price, and quite frankly I feel we are being exploited price wise, also hate all the additives... for years in South Africa I didnt eat bread at all as none available then,( there were rice cakes)

    So where now ?

  • Try making your own! I have had a bread maker for years because of all the additives, not only in the bread, but the wheat. When I went gf it wasn't that difficult to adapt. I don't eat a lot, and after a couple of days I slice and freeze what is left. The bought stuff is awful IMO.

  • Hiya Daisy - do you have a bread maker recipe you can share?I'm on the Shar bread and it's great but £2.50 a loaf. I have a bread maker so want to start making myself. Ta, Liz

  • hi there - i use the dove farm white bread flour, follow the bread machine recipe on the back, but replace the 2 tbsp of sugar with 2 TEAspoons (when I followed the recipe using the 2 tablespoons it made a brick, basically :D ). It's almost nice! Toasted it's got a sort of half bread half crumpet feel - really very good (and how often can you see that about GF bread?)


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