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I hope that this does not across as an advertisement. I live in Ipswich but visit Scotland regularly. When there i buy a gluten free tiger loaf, which is of of the best gf breads I have tasted.

Unfortunately it is not available in England. Unless I buy in quantity (ie 12loaves) the delivery cost is high.

I have tried to find five other people in the Ipswich area to share an order, but have been unsuccessful

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  • Hi bluebell

    I think I know the bakery to which you refer as we use it too. Yes the delivery cost is rather steep but they are probably I dependant and charge us the real cost. I have a freezer in my garage so can order in bulk but it's still a treat and not a weekly thing. Sorry I do not live in your area so cannot help. Have you tried DS rolls? They are available in all the big supermarkets and are our favourites. They are £1.50-£2 for 4.

  • Hi Bluebell, firstly there is a difference between you saying this is the best gf bread and the manufacturer coming on here making the same claim. I for one feel that the big prescription co's rule and the independents deserve being promoted as it adds variety to 'our' choices and your post is not advertising.

    Now you face a logistical problem with this as you have to get the timing bang on but in Ipswich there should be many coeliac living near you, so if you want to pursue this I would put some more info up with a link to the actual bread + cost and only divulge your contact details by private message or you might end up with a bunch GFG's on your door step LOL.

    As an example:

    Otherwise get a bigger freezer and indulge yourself... Ho Ho Ho

  • Good idea. I did put something on FB but got no response. I'll try what you suggest

  • Have you tried your local coeliac group? The group organiser will generally accommodate a request like this.

  • I've only recently moved so I haven't been in touch with them. Good idea, I'll try them

  • Check your Tesco store, I saw it in one of the Plymouth stores, I did not buy it as I am not too fussed about "nice"bread, but was definitely called ,,, and tiger bread.

    May be if enough of you Ipswich residents ask about it a store up there will have a trial stock of it and you can load your freezer.

    Good luck

  • Udi's do a tiger loaf which is sold at Tesco's.

  • Try putting this on the Thyrioduk site as well as I know a lot of people on there, who are also gluten free, come from Ipswich. How do I know? I also come from Ipswich BUT have reacted to ever single gluten free bread I have bought so unfortunately I wont be putting my name forward.

    Hope you achieve your goal.

    Moggie x

  • Hi Bluebell. I live near Ipswich and came across a gf shop near Norwich called the Helleston Barns.They sell wheatfree bread on a Tuesday and Fridays. They sell no gluten products at all.The women that runs the shop would maybe be able to place an order for you for your bread. Helleston Barns Norwich Norfolk. NR6 5BB.

  • Thanks

  • This is not advertising, I have no personal link to this company other than I purchase their breads and cakes (upon recommendations of other sufferers - we are here to help each other after all not put obstacles in the way) but after 2 years of CD diagnosis my experience so far is that the best "non home baked bread" is from a Scottish bakery (search on Facebook for Wheat Free and the company will appear). When I made my order it was not excessively expensive for delivery, perhaps because I bought in bulk.

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