What is your dynamite? - The one thing that ALWAYS leaves you doubled up with the rot!!

For me its Pastries. I love the pound bakery, pasties, pecan plaits, etc but Ohhhmylord they are deadly. within an hour I'm feeling like I have an ulcer about to burst or something equally dramatic.

LOTS and lots of things make my stomach / gut react dreadfully, but just wondered if anyone else had something similar. I'm waiting on a biopsy to confirm, and oddly enjoying the fact that I HAVE to eat these things I love at the moment, before saying goodbye to them once diagnosed.

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  • Hi daized

    I miss the pecan plaits you mentioned, cheese pasties, crumpets and maltesers (amongst other things like regular pizzas).

    No way would I eat them now though!!! I like feeling better much more than I like eating those gluten and dairy items.

    It sounds to me like your head is in the right place at the moment. You understand that eating these foods makes you ill; and from what you wrote, are getting yourself ready to say goodbye to them. In my opinion that's a really good thing.

    I had an opportunity to do something similar this time last year pre-diagnosis (I am a Coeliac). For me, having those last few weeks to come to terms with a situation which was life changing, has made it easier to cope mentally with the GF diet because I have no unfinished business with gluten containing foods.

    For the record, the gluten-free life is a good one IMO!! Not to have to live with all the gastrointestinal problems, extreme fatigue etc, does feel sooo great!

    Very best of luck with the biopsy and it's results. I hope you get the result you are wanting.

  • Hi Daized,

    I too had a few pre-diagnosis weeks when my GP encouraged me to eat gluten. I happened to be taking a trip to Germany, so consumed lots of beer, bread and sausage - definitely dynamite for me! I felt pretty rough throughout that holiday.

    However, I didn't realise until a few weeks after diagnosis (coeliac) exactly HOW ill I had been feeling. A strict GF diet meant that, for the first time in many, many years I was without nausea, exhaustion and constant intestinal symptoms and began to feel really well. I did find having to be so vigilant about food a bit challenging at first but now, after 9 months, I can honestly say I don't mind at all. I try to ignore gluten containing foods I once enjoyed and concentrate on all the tasty things I can have - fish, meat, all veg, fruit, WINE .... lots of delicious stuff.

    Enjoy all that gluten - if you do have to give it up at least you have had a final fling! I wish you the best of luck with your diagnosis.

  • But you can still make all these things with GF products, so no need to deny yourself a treat now and again .

  • I just went straight into going GF after my GP told me my diagnosis. I was feeling so ill I really wanted to get better as I was so worried about what was wrong with me and would have tried anything. So I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to all the things I liked such as quiches, lasagne, haribos, wine gums, bacon butties and other things I took for granted. I was so, so, glad to feel good again. It is a nearly a year since I have deliberately eaten gluten. I have discovered other things I am sensitive to and can't eat or make things with Free From products so I have learnt to live without. Recently we had a very big party and I had to cook loads of stuff with gluten. I made a fantastic birthday cake but could not eat it I just watched others doing so! I really wanted to eat it as everyone told me how lovely it was. Very tempted to taste it but as we had so many guests staying I thought how awful it would be to ill and miss all the fun! Besides I recently got glutened, twice in fact, and I had to miss out on some activities I was looking forward to because I was so ill. I don't think I would risk eating anything dodgy now although because I am gluten intolerant my GP thinks I may be able to eat gluten in the future. Sometimes I feel very sorry for myself but I am very fortunate compared to others and I eat lovely food now - all fresh and home cooked.

  • Haribos are GF so no need to dodge them !

  • But they have glucose syrup in them which makes me ill :(

  • Oh bummer! Sorry to hear that, I'll have some today instead and let you know how disgusting they are are :-)

  • ;) enjoy!

  • I have been diagnosed for eight years, I remember realising how ill I had been once I started to feel better on a gf diet. Previously everything and anything set me off, orange squash and chip shop vinegar were lethal! That didn't stop me dreaming about food! I woke up in tears a few times after dreaming I was biting into the most mouth melting crispy bread, I miss all of those lovely breads the most but would never touch them now. I wouldn't ever bake anything that wasn't gf though, in my opinion- and my families- my gf cakes and pastries beat anything made with gluten hands down! Plus I feel I'm doing my bit in educating friends and family about coeliac and gf food.

  • Being DF & GF for 18mths now, the only thing I really really miss is when i go out to a restaurant & can't have their lovely puddings! Most restaurants have something GF now for dessert, but very few have anything tasty for GF & DF.

    Luckily I love cooking, so don't have a problem at home re puds etc but just miss having one made for me when i go out for a really nice meal! I even like plain chocolate now, which i hated before - it's surprising how your taste buds change when they have to! It's worth it tho as feel so much better!!

  • i have found replacements for most things have missed porkpies but now have a recipie .bread has always been my main trigger so for me is propper beefburger full size seeded cheese salad with two burgers in it.i know you can get burgers and even make the baps two the right size but its not the same.bread is bad(propper bread).

  • I've been gluten zero for about 7 years. I don't miss anything. If I want a treat, I bake or cook it myself. Over the years, I developed recipes for everything. I share them with anyone who wants... Food Challenges foodchallenges.ca

    It's all free, so have fun! Anything you can imagine... fish and chips, bread, pizza crust, pasta, cupcakes and cakes...the recipes are all there and you can print them off too

  • Thanks for such a terrific site!

  • You're most welcome... it's my way of giving back to our gluten free community.

  • I miss bread.....I'd just got use to the gluten free....when I was told I was pre diabetic...so to keep healthy I follow a very low carb diet....now when I bake I use almond flour...so at least I can still have muffins...

  • I don't know. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question. I avoid gluten now, so never get doubled up with stomach ache. It seems a bit silly and dangerous deliberately eating pastries if you know they will make you ill. I miss things like pies and pasties, battered fish and real ale and guinness terribly.

  • "It seems a bit silly and dangerous deliberately eating pastries if you know they will make you ill."

    You'd think, wouldn't you. However, as I understand it, its standard practise to make UK patients do this in order to have a biopsy that confirms diagnosis of coeliacs, after you have a positive blood test. I'm presuming that at some point, you ate stuff that you enjoyed but did give you a nasty reaction and you stopped eating it. I was just wondering if the same sorts of things were "dynamite" for most coeliacs.

    I'm currently awaiting the biopsy. If i stop eating gluten, my biopsy could be compromised. I would like an actual diagnosis, so that I can benefit from gluten free on prescription.

  • HI I am suffering lots of symptoms which suggest gluten problems - morning diahorrea, nausea, fatigue, light-headed. However my blood tests and a biopsy all came back clear. this problem has been going on for 4 years now and I was wondering if I could be having problems with foods containing gluten even though I have negative results??????

  • Have you come across Non Coeliac Gluten Intolerance? You can have all the signs and symptoms of coeliac, but all tests come back negative or inconclusive. The best and probably most conclusive test you can do is to go completely GF for a month. For this period of time I would exclude alcohol too, don't eat any ready meals, check every label. Watch e-numbers too as they are often derived from wheat/barley (this includes diet coke as the e number can be from barley or corn, however you don't know). I know it's hard to do, but I would avoid eating eating the food that is formulated for coeliacs for a month, as they often have quite a lot of gluten in them - up to 20 ppm - which we're supposed to be able to tolerate. Many of us can't, and continue to be 'glutened' whilst eating gluten free stuff! The site celiac.com (It's American) is much more research based and offers greater detail. Do it today...no more gluten! Good luck!!!!

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