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How to recover from norovirus

I've just been hit by norovirus - a horrible few days of violent d and v. Followed all the NHS website advice - lots of fluid, rest, stayed at home and, as the symptoms receded started to eat very lightly. Now, a week later I am still feeling queasy with terrible, foul smelling wind and diarrhoea. Everything tastes horrid and I'm beginning to feel I'll never recover. My husband's experience was much less severe and he was ok again after 48 hours, so I assume that damage of 30 years of undiagnosed CD has something to do with my slow recovery. How can I restore my gut to a more healthy state? (I am totally GF, diagnosed with CD 2 years ago.)

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Hi Glutenfreegranny - Poor you, sounds like you've been having a terrible time. The Norovirus is a nightmare without the added burden you are carrying of having CD. Are you still eating Gluten Free processed foods eg bread, flour, cakes etc? Even when I was totally gluten free but still eating my prescription products and shop bought products I was still experiencing the same problems as before I was diagnosed. I have found that since changing to a completely wholefood diet with no grains, dairy, beans or pulses my symptoms have disappeared. I eat fruit during the day and then have a cooked vegetables in the evening, such as homemade soup or just steaming a variety of my favourite veggies. I do take a multivitamin and mineral tablet daily. Its all easily digestible and seems to work for me. Obviously we are all different and so I recommend you check with your doctor before making any big changes. I hope you get better soon.


Hi Gfgranny, again poor you, now you mustn't go thinking that you'll never feel better so try and think positively and tell yourself that you are over the worst of it and you're going to feel better everyday.

What you need is plenty of fluids and rest, I would eat only bland foods and in small quantities and only if you feel hungry else just drink lots of water as you want to avoid dehydration. I'd eat something like soup and maybe a baked potato and avoid milk whilst you recover.

So put your feet up and let your husband look after you and get him to use an anti bacterial cleaner on all the door handles, taps light switches etc so you are not reinfecting yourselves.

And I hope that you feel better real soon.

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Thank you Jerry. You're right - I am much better than I was, just not very patient and want to be well Immediately! Also I guess not being able to control how I am brings bad memories of how I felt before I was diagnosed and I have a sort of anxiety of not being able to manage my own health.

Weeluvpa, thanks for your diet recommendation. I totaly agree with you about ready made Freefrom foods and am much healthier if I steer clear of anything readymade.

Thank you both! GFG


I too recently suffered from Noro Virus, so I do sympathise. You need to take pro biotics and good ones too. Get them from a health food shop or good chemist. There is a make that has a gold lid and once opened you keep them in the fridge. They are 'good' bacteria and will balance out the bacteria in your stomach and I promise you they work. Good luck.


You poor thing, I had it a couple of weeks ago, I feel for you! All I fancied eating for a few days afterwards was tiny portions of stewed apple, banana, cornflakes and really bland mince. My other half went into infection control mode and confined me to a couple of rooms, which worked because he didn't get it. I second the comment about probiotic yogurt - I didn't really fancy it but I forced down a couple of spoonfuls before every meal and it felt very soothing.


Thank you both for suggesting probiotics. I have some now so hopefully they'll do the trick. I'm also adding turmeric to the bland rice based food I'm eating - an asian friend swears by its soothing qualities.


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