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Hi, coeliac for 8 years and careful with my diet I now have acid reflux & IBS too! Is it gluten or may it be due to perimenopause -any help?

I am on meds from my GP, have a blood test next week and may need a follow up endoscopy to see why. Doing my own research, as you do, I have discovered a link between these symptoms and peri menopause. I've put myself on the FODMAP diet with my GPs blessing and it seems to help but now my diet is so restricted! Is anyone else having similar issues please?

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Hi Lynilou

I'm on the other side of the menopause, so I sympathise with you. The change in hormone levels can cause such a lot of different problems. It's a real bummer! But it does eventually stop!

Has your research found that oestrogen changes cause digestive problems? I had HRT for a while to get over the terrible sensation of 'crawling' over my skin, and sleep problems.

I have no experience of FODMAPS, but there are others on here who have. Hopefully someone will give you some advice. With luck you may find that once your system has recovered you can start to bring some eliminated food back into your meals.

I have altered my diet a lot over the last few years and am now lowish carb. I found giving up sugar and going back to full fat helped with what my GP said was diverticulitis.

Good luck with sorting it all out.


I'm in perimenopause: the start of my IBS-c coincided. Until the last year I'd always been in excellent health and could eat any food without any digestive issues. Very difficult to adjust to the realities of IBS but I'm plugging away at it. No meds to date but am following low Fodmaps, just started probiotics ie Align and a few sessions of CBT. More exercise next. Sue Shepherd's new book has been a great help as have the Kings College booklets given to me by my dietitian. Hope that helps.


I was fine until I got to. 50 then red skin,peeling hands,itching face,I do have hyperthythyroidism but I then was seeing dietician n for ibs and tried pills, now I'm ceoaliacs, I do feel better but not fully ok as still go on a big swollen stomach at times and feels like a brick wall. I have been on menopause for3/4 yrs now, no treatments. I do use the healing stones and the magnet helped for a while. The cream from serenity seems good for the flushes etc ...I find I'm getting fat now as gluten free food all so sweet unless your cooking it all yourself,but so expensive too. I now got prescription bread etc that helps the cost. I feel a reject when I go out as I get blank looks from staff who either can't feed me at all or have no ideas about contamination and give me dirty looks and abrupt answers,especially over cutlery and their hands.....still not socially ok it seems to be a ceaialic


Hi Daisymay

I try to avoid all ready made supermarket gluten free food, it may be gf but it's not healthy. All that sugar is really bad for us!

This site helped me keep my weight under control authoritynutrition.com/top-...

And I have taken up Pilates, which has helped me increase my strength and flexibility.

When I eat out I have found that if I go for independent cafés or restaurants I usually get a better level of service and understanding. Check out local coeliac group sites.

Good luck! On the other side of the menopause I find I am fitter and healthier than I was before.


Thank you, I'm still unsure if it's gluten causing my symptoms or beginning of menopause, either could be responsible. My research did suggest that the symptoms may be as much menopausal as glutening! I guess the worst thing is that as restricted as my coeliac diet was before, now Im eating much less. Like Penel I have also tried to cut out the supermarket 'free froms', consequently I have lost quite a bit of weight since getting ill in August! But thanks for the support, it sounds like you all know what I'm talking about and that really helps to stop the worry!


Lynilou what are your symptoms, I started eating gluten free a few months ago because I was having vowel movements problems and without doctor authorization I went on it and it worked.


Hi Mocadr,

I had a bad attack of acid reflux, ending in a visit to a & e! Extreme pain in centre of chest behind breastbone and funny taste in mouth as if I'd been eating metal. Felt like a lump down past my throat, made it hard to swallow and couldn't sleep for the reflux bubbling up! Dr thought it could be a reaction to glutening, (although I am a careful coeliac!) through non treatment of IBS, or some other reason yet to be investigated.


Lynilou, FYI I am post menopause and had GERD for years that got progressively worse although it was never as bad as yours. I am sure that hormones affect us. I am sensitive to glucose syrup, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, potassium nitrate and sulphur dioxide. All these products give me GERD. I did FODMAPS after I discovered these sensitivities which made the diet really restrictive as I could not eat eggs, bacon or hard cheese or Free From products. Sometimes I could not be bothered to eat as I had the same thing all the time. We ate a lot of roast dinners! I enjoyed them. Very nice with jus instead of gravy. If you are a vegetarian it is difficult. I ate quite a few risottos. Made smoked mack pate a lot! Ate lots of salmon and made soups++. I used garlic oil which is allowed, lots of spices and herbs, yoghurt, soft cheeses and on occasions wine to make things interesting. Cream sauces were good too! Might help to look at some nice recipes and see if you can adapt to the FODMAPS diet which is what I did - variation on a theme! The thing I found most difficult was not eating garlic and onions. In retrospect overall the 6+ weeks were tough but I discovered what was irritating me and that has to be a good thing! It was also good to have a written record of what I had eaten and my symptoms. I found I was intolerant to red lentils and mangoes. I very rarely get GERD now. If I do it is because I have inadvertently eaten something containing one of the offending products. I feel really well - have more energy and eat lovely fresh food. GERD used to make me feel really miserable Hope this is helpful.


Yes, I have an acid reflux that isn't GERD - it's this:


Accounts for the metal taste and giving up overly acidic foods has definitely helped (easily identified as things that feel strange in your mouth like rhubarb)

IBS - FODMAPS definitely or food combining where you don't eat protein with carbs. It sounds a nightmare but if you feel rubbish it is worth a try.


Urbangirl and jacks thanks so much! Very helpful comments thank you.


I stopped taking my iron supplement and that helped w GERD. Also watching FODMAPS and taking HCL w pepsin at each meal to help break down food. I still suffer off and on: (. Trying to find answers as well-


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