did anybody out there know that glucose-fructose syrup and dextrose can contain wheat?

i was surprized last night after eatting most of a bag of van damme mini marshmallows and then my partner notice as he ate a few that they are both listed as ingredients and at the side in brackets says wheat. I can,t even tororate the coeliac safe level of gluten does all glucose-fructose and dextrose contain wheat?

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  • Hi dobido, I think most glucose-fructose and dextrose are commonly made with corn/maize. But yes, I've heard that you cannot rely on that, and sometimes a wheat-derivative is used. I guess the only way to make sure is to contact the company responsible for whichever product you want to eat. Time-consuming and not always productive. I find I feel better if I steer clear of processed foods altogether, or at least only sometimes indulge and I try to find things with as few ingredients as possible! Good luck! :)

  • hi lexy that was one reason for marshmallows its only that make of them that accually label those ingredients as wheat usually pick a different brand and i don,t usually eat sweets just felt down and needed a treat, felt alot more depressed when i was told they had wheat in them. Being w/f g/f and not even able to have oats is rubbish seems to be what can i eat not what can,t i eat i get sick of meat fish and veg can,t stand salad looks like no hope for me

  • This is why you have to read the labels on every processed food......maltodextrin is another one...lots of the sweeteners in processed foods are wheat or barley based...in the USA it's corn based...

    All I can say is just don't eat processed food..


  • hi janie i don,t eat much processed food but now i will have to spend more time checking or like you say avoid all but sometimes it all seems boring, and marshmallows or gourmet factory jelly beans are the only sweet things i eat ,since asking the question i,ve even found them ingredients in 3in 1 coffees and instant tea which i usually drink welst travelling instead of paying service station prices no wonder i don,t feel any better after thinking i was being w/f g/f for nearly ten months.Thanx for replying

  • This is not clear cut, in the US most dextrose, maltodextrins are derived from corn and all wheat deriv's have to clearly labelled as such. In the UK and the EU wheat deriv's do not have to be labelled as such and many of these sweeteners in the EU and UK are indeed wheat deriv's. They are well below the codex level and considered as gf by Coeliac UK.

    The FSA say that wheat deriv's do not have to be labelled as such so the manufacturer can switch the grain source without having to change the labels.

    Basically dextrose/maltodextrin and the like are artificial sweeteners derived from a grain and are poly ols, They are highly processed and even in NZ and Australia where they have 5ppm as gf they tend to be below 5ppm.

    In my opinion all wheat deriv's should be labelled as such so that we the consumer know exactly what we are eating regardless of whether they are within codex.

  • thanx i agree with you all wheat deriv's should be labeled its terrible you can,t even have a treat every now and again i don,t eat much processed food and being unable to eat any wheat,oats and things like that sometimes it seems boring and we all need a treat will be looking at labels more know only been diagnoised last year i,m still looking for w/f g/f if need to buy packets or jars for convienience.

  • Hi Dobido

    I wonder if this site would have anything for you? I use buckwheat for pancakes, and you can get a breakfast cereal made with it.


  • Jerry you say "The FSA say that wheat deriv's do not have to be labelled as such so the manufacturer can switch the grain source without having to change the labels."

    Good to know themanufacturers have their priorities right - for themselves that is! Oh! for some conscientious business people.

  • I sure did! Found this out very early on. In fact it was one of my first clues that something was wrong. When we went on long car journeys we would often stock up with wine gums. I was always ill during the journey or after and could not understand why. Clearly I am very sensitive to this and struggle with the position on food labeling. I am gluten intolerant not coeliac but react to this ingredient. Since diagnosis I mainly eat stuff I have prepared but occasionally need other ingredients but I look out for glucose syrup big time. It means I can't eat any yummy sweeties or some chocolates.

  • My issue is when its made with maize, but yes it can be wheat, best to keep away

  • My issue is when its made with maize, but yes it can be wheat, best to keep away

  • Watch out for coffee machines too- any artificial milk will be highly suspect

  • The big issue with googleing for information is that the there is the USA and Europe, the main crop in the USA is corn (maize) which is how they relate to derivatives and in Europe the main crop is wheat so likewise derivatives are based on wheat, narrowing searches to UK may reduce double meanings on derivatives. also Commission Directive 2007/68/EC Annex iiia might help.

  • Hi,

    I need a bit of junk to balance my diet occasionally, and tend to eat Burt's or Tyrell's crisps (Burt's are the best), or make my own popcorn - sweet or salty. Oh, and I'm fine with plain Dairy Milk.

    Feeling trammeled into a diet which is more restrictive than you enjoy is just depressing, so I think it's worth researching the snacks you can have. Some of them can be ordered in bulk from the manufacturer, which is half the price of buying from shop shelves, but you'll need a lot more self-discipline than I have to make that the cheaper option :o).

    Good luck

  • Your post made me smile... I would have exactly the same problem with buying in bulk.

  • Great - a productive day, then :o).

  • Hi. a while ago treat myself to cadbury's turkish delight choc bar, thinking it would be safe.As was out shopping couldnt look it up, but never again, it sure prevent me from being tempted again. Was'nt sick but sure did feel ill for days.

  • Ok being the devils advocate. According to the Coeliac Society of Australia Dextrose, Fructose and Glucose even when being derived from wheat are so highly processed that it is gluten free. Now you must remember that at the moment Australia and New Zealand have the toughest level of gluten free status at 5ppm. At this level most (they claim all) coeliacs are safe.

    Now don't shoot me as I am only the messenger. I do realise that your levels are so much higher that it becomes more difficult. I am able to tolerate all of the above with my small bowel biopsies showing now gluten contamination. Hope this helps.

  • The occasional sweet treat can help keep us sane! I would love a comprehensive list of all the chocolate and confectionary brands which would be safe to eat but in the meantime I will make do with my magnifying glass and keep checking! If in doubt I do without but not in good grace! ;)

  • I get really ill with glucose fructose syrup made his way to avoid it completely. It is a complete pain but you get used to it and it has made all the difference with feeling well again. By the way watch out for it in medicines, cough syrup etc.

    Happy Christmas...there's lots of nice gf food out there, though I've seen glucose fructose syrup on turkey and Christmas hams, look out for that too.

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