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Sudden wheat intolerance?


Hi everyone,

I’m been off and on eating wheat and gluten products due to reflux issues. I have weeks when I’m off and then eat for a few days because I don’t want to become intolerant.

However, I eat a vegan (wheat) pasta yesterday and react quite badly the next day. The reaction is what I get when I eat or drink full fat milk. The pasta tasted as if it had dairy in it but it couldn’t of because it’s vegan?

I never react this way with wheat expect reflux but today I feel awful, such as a hang over and body hurts! Only diary does this to me, so I’m thinking something is up with the vegan pasta?!

I’ve got my sister birthday today - so annoyed 😒

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If this is unusual after you eat pasta, then it's too soon to say the gluten is the cause. I think you would have to eat a different gluten meal and watch for a reaction to that before you could say conclusively.

If eating gluten causes acid reflux, it sounds like you might already have gluten intolerance though. If that's the only thing that changes in your diet, and you get acid reflux every time, then your body is telling you something.

Catatvet05 in reply to Cooper27

Hello, unfortunately quite a lot of foods gives me acid. I was treated very recently for bacteria infection in my stomach but still have acid reflux symptoms. With certain foods like dairy I react quite terrible. I rarely eat gluten to ease the reflux symptoms. Thanks

So, is the vegan pasta also Gluten Free? If yes, there might be a cross contamination problem with dairy! Sometimes manufacturers recall products because they are contaminated with things which are not on the food label. If it is Gluten Free, does it contain quinoa? I can’t tolerate it and in at least one supermarket I know of, it also includes quinoa and it can have the same immune effect on the body as gluten. As for this ‘on/off’ eating of gluten, have you considered it’s not an intolerance problem, but full blown coeliac disease? If so, you need to continue eating gluten for 6 weeks and get a test. A lot of people react to dairy/lactose as a symptom of coeliac disease.

I had terrible reflux before I was diagnosed with coeliac disease and could not tolerate dairy at all - it wasn’t just removing the lactose, it was a case of not eating dairy fullstop.

It was a wheat pasta this time. I’m not allergic to wheat but when I was tested I didn’t eat wheat - doctors didn’t tell me this! I’m good with quinoa but rice I’m not great with.

Oh really? I expect we’re all different, it’s half the battle if you know what doesn’t agree with you though.

Have you had a coeliac test?

Regarding meal containing dairy - very possible as mistakes do happen. Best to ask restaurant to check with their kitchen/chef, as a starting point.

I was tested negative; however I didn’t eat wheat, the doctors didn’t mention that I should of.

That's a shame, and unfortunately a common error by GPs. Difficult to know why this is still happening at GP level.

I agree. Not only did they miss the infection, they also failed some how to diagnose that I had (possible still do) bacteria infection. Stool test had issues with testing (1st doctor failed to tell me time to get to surgery) and by the third attempt it came out negative. 3 years down the line, and after having an endoscopy(negative) I pushed for another stool test, it confirmed it.

Jeez. What was the bacterial infection, if you don't mind my asking. Was that SIBO (I ask as I was awaiting SIBO testing before lockdown cancelled appointments).

Hoilco bacteria. The antibiotics hasn’t worked but I’m getting retested to see if it’s still present. I still have symptoms. Sibo tests- is this with a private specialist ?

Interesting. Thanks for updating.

Cooper27 in reply to Catatvet05

How long prior to the test had you removed wheat from your diet?

Was it just wheat, or had you also removed rye and barley?

Catatvet05 in reply to Cooper27

Before the test, maybe a week or 2 weeks? Cant remember? But I have been on and off from wheat - weeks on end for 2 years. Barker and rye haven’t touched it at all, terrible for me.

I think I’ve identified the problem...seafood!

I agree! Good point!

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