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I think I am having issues tolerating lactose again. Does anyone get any symptoms besides bloating and a dodgy stomach? If so what?

As mentioned in another posting, I ate some camembert last week and within 10 minutes I went from feeling great to feeling headachy, spaced out and like I had no energy left. Does anyone else get this when eating dairy products? or do you just get the more normal symptoms? I did discuss my lactose intolerance with the hospital dietician on the day of my coeliac diagnosis; she seemed to think at the time that it would just give me a dodgy tummy if I ate too much dairy. I am starting to think that it is much more than this and could be the cause of my ongoing fatigue. Could this be right? I suspected rice was the cause at first, but seem to be okay eatng that after all.

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I suspect that I'm lactose intolerant. To put in bluntly, milk makes me burp. And a large amount of milk makes me nauseous. I'm fine with butter and other low-lactose dairy.

The symptoms you're having sound a bit more pronounced though... so maybe it's the milk proteins (food sensitivity) rather than just the lactose. Bloating and fatigue are the main symptoms that I get when eating gluten - I'm gluten sensitive rather than coeliac.

Plus I believe that camembert is fairly low in lactose.


Lactose makes me feel nauseous, but I think that fatigue is also farly common.

I have a problem with food that contains yeast, which I think would include camenbert. It is possible to be allergic to food containing yeast/mold and have a histamine type reaction.


Lactose makes me have BAD EGGS wind - the type that can clear a room in no time at all, and belching. Apparently typical symptoms. Do I feel nauseous? Yes and it eventually gives me heartburn (from the belching). Does this help? Lactose free stuff is okay in small amounts.

You can have a simple breath test.


Thanks guys for all your input. The links were especially interesting to read. I have decided to go talk it through through with the GP tomorrow to see what they say.

The speed at which the symptoms got hold of me took me quite by surprise and wasn't just limited to stomach/intestinal problems.


I get swollen glands (mostly below ears), sinus congestion, headache, fluey feeling, aching joints, fatigue, sore throat and mouth ulcers (lots or big ones) when I eat dairy. Symptoms start to appear within the hour and the extent and severity depends on how much dairy I've had - even the small amount in ibuprofen tablets affected me so I'm off dairy for now. Takes at least 2 or 3 days to get over it. Found some stuff on internet about non-IgE mediated allergic reactions to food but don't know if that's what this is. Another train of thought is cross-reactivity where the intestine reacts to other proteins because they look a bit like gluten. I think with this when the intestine heals it might be possible to eat the offending food again.

Could you report back on what your GP says - although most GPs probably not very clued up about this stuff.


My gp said I had to be lactose free at birth and wasnt at all pleased that I has suggested lactose intolerance. I took Coeliac uk advice. This started to help lessen abdominal pains, so stayed gf for months Mainly take soya milk now but will have some dairy.if soya not available. Come to think of it I had lots of symptoms like yours apart from headaches..


Hi all

Well I saw the GP yesterday. It was a different one to who I normally choose (and the only one available if I didn't want to wait three weeks for a pre-bookable appointment). Spoke about my dairy issues with her and asked if there was any help available to get any sort of official diagnosis to figure out if I had a lactose intolerance or a milk allergy. I got a resounding "no" as an answer. I was told that there was no blood test to test for a milk allergy that she was aware of. No advice given either, so on this occasion I felt that I'd wasted her time and mine.

At the moment it seems I've got to figure this one out on my own - thank heavens for the GFG's! Without your support here I would have felt I was going dotty.

I have a follow up dieticians appointment at the end of the month so I will run it past them but I am now not really holding out too many hopes as to whether any support will be any more forthcoming from that direction.

Oh well, I tried....


There are 2 tests that I am aware of. One is a breath test, then other is when milk is taken then blood sample after spell repeat proceedure then lactose level is worked out. Doctors and hospitals reluctant to do. Mainly because you can eliminate lactose for few months to see if improvement, then slowly and gently reintroduce lactose. Found all this out via seeking info from hospital information help room and Coeliac uk. Sorry to say but dietition no help in anyway so no longer see her. Once you understand what gluten is and get used to excluding it and the doctor keeps an eye on health and bloods, all should be well. So in time it all falls into place. Best wishes for the future. Might add I was in 70s when diagnosed and on my own for last 7yrs so it has been easier in a way as dont have to cater for others or worry about social life the same as younger folk.


Hey ho!

I am going on a new diet (again). This one is going to be called the trial and error diet....I am trying to look on the bright side :)

I think that by not eating dairy I am now starting to see an improvement in my health once more. At least I can still go out for a pizza - even on a dairy free+gluten free+vegetarian diet, Pizza Express will still cater for my needs (I think the new gluten free bases are also milk free). The bad news is I won't be able to have cheese on it any more!

Thanks for the info asborne. It confirms what I was thinking - that the GP was probably wrong on this occasion.


I'm also keen to try a Pizza Express GF pizza. Have been researching casein intolerance and some people who can't have cow dairy can have goat or sheep - different protein apparently. Pizza Express do a goats cheese pizza so when I'm feeling up to it I'm going to give goats cheese a try and if successful I'll be off for a pizza.


Have you tried lactase tablets? I find they are helpful after a small amount of dairy to keep symptoms minimal. However any more than a matchbox size bit of cheese and all the symptoms are back with a vengeance, particularly sinus headache, sore mouth and an anti social gut!

Lactase is sold at amazon, quest tablets are GF.


Hi there, just to say that I am gluten and Lactose free. Lactose diagnosed last October via breath test. It has made such a difference to me as like Jacks I got really terrible wind and diarrhoea when I eat any dairy. Soya also does not agree with me, but have just started using a new lactose fee milk from M & S which is OK.


Thanks moggie59 and allergies for taking the time to post. If it was just stomach problems i think I could cope with that. It's the neurological stuff like headaches, dizziness and the feeling of being doped I am finding hard to deal with when eating dairy. For me it's a very similar feeling to being glutened.

allergies, I may consider pushing for the lactose breath test when I go to see the dietician in a fortnight but it means going back on dairy again! It's a dilemma that is so commonly heard in the GFG Forum - do you make yourself ill again to prove to the medical profession what was making you feel ill...

I am now also unsure if it is lactose, casin or whey proteins that are the cause. I tried Lactase tablets some years ago and while I remember them reducing the diarrhoea, the bloating and farting even worse than before!

I am still deciding about soya, I had some yesterday and I think that may have been the cause of my headache and niggly stomach last night.



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