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Gluten free muesli..innocent???

Hi all

I have gluten sensitivity and I bought gluten free muesli (with gluten free oats in it) but my stomach didnt like it at all! I even used a bit only of almond milk to avoid dairy)

I had a bit of reflux, I feel heavy and bloated right now. Could the oats cause that even if I'm not allergic but only with gluten sensitivity?

Thank you

Jo x

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Many coeliacs find they can't tolerate oats as they contain avenine which is very similar to gluten and causes a reaction.

Here's link to various previous post re Oats.


Thank you Irene!

At least I know now that I'm not alone, because at some point I thought I was imagining that everything that I try gives me bad reaction!lol

Thanks x


Could also be the nuts/seeds in the muesli that upsets what really is a (recovering) tummy.

It could well be too rich for you....

Try cutting the portion down...and see what happens....

With best wishes



Thank you Janet

I will try to eat a small amount next time, cause I have to admit my portion was too generous for 7am! :p oh dear...

Jo x


I also tried the museli (a tiny portion), however I was very ill afterwards, deffinatley glutened! I now avoid it, many coeliacs can't tolorate Oats and I am asuming Im one of them!



i am the same only its gf cornflakes with me make my tummy ace and bloated and eggs do too x


I have found that over the years of being on a GF diet that my tum has become more sensitive to certain foods and I can no longer tolerate many nuts. I previously would munch the night away but no longer...they now give me terrible stomach ache


I've always found oats and nuts difficult to digest and only doable in small quantities, and cereal is easy to overeat when you're hungry first thing in the morning. Maybe it's just a matter of too much rough stuff sitting in there.


I found the same with gf muesli which is a pain as I used to enjoy muesli as a treat. Now I have a cereal called "Munch". It's designed for children, but seems to be the only cereal I can stomach! It's a nuisance, but I'd much rather feel healthy than eat something with oats in it. good luck with whatever you decide to have for breakfast


I didnt dare to try the muesli again, I couldnt give my stomach a hard time for 2 days in a row!

I stick with GF cornflakes, small portion with some almond milk, and it seems to do the trick. Not the best taste, but at least I'm not hungry! :)


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