I went out for lunch with friends yesterday, we ate jacket potatoes and I had tuna...nice and safe. Immediately after eating it, my intuition told me I was in trouble, there was no wheat in it just some butter that had melted and the tuna.

Within a couple of hours my intestines were burning and so was my stomach, I have spent the night in pain and not slept much at all.

I am not suffering my wheat intolerance symptoms or CD symptoms, all I can do is guess it might have been the butter.

My question is does it follow that CD sufferers have intolerance to dairy products ?

And is soy a wise alternative, thank you

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  • After I went gluten free I became sensitive to the lectins in potatoes. (Lectins are hard to digest proteins found in wheat and seem to be the main culprits in why we can't handle wheat.) I had turned to eating more potatoes after realising I could not have gluten. My reaction also involved an angry red rash- a lot of histamine being released - followed by frozen shoulder and a bad recurrence of my bipolar symptoms. I haven't eaten potatoes since and the frozen shoulder cleared up in a week, despite my doctor saying it could take months. Good luck in hunting down the culprits in your case. potatoes cause a lot of problems in other auto-immune reactions. Hope these links work.




  • thank you

  • Lots of coeliacs do have problems with dairy, which can make you feel sick and give you diarrhoea . The symptoms you describe sound like a histamine reaction. It could be that you are reacting to the tuna. Perhaps it would b e a good idea to talk to your GP and describe your reactions.

  • thank you for your helpfull tips, I need to find me a good doctor mine is useless with this, after i was diagnosed 4 years ago he just told me not to eat bread.......that was it.

  • could the butter have bean contamanated with a knife or did you have mayo on it as i react to mayo if it isnt gf hope you are well soon

  • My dietitian told me to only eat tinned tuna that was in spring water. So that could be another cause? I don't eat dairy either. Only have lacto-free milk,cheese,cream feel much,much better for it too!!

  • Thank you for your answers, I have not heard free milk cheese and cream,

    are they obtainable in supermarkets.

  • sorry typo, free from, not free

  • Try their website for your local supplier - lactofree.co.uk - but it's only lactose free, not dairy free.

    You can have a lactose breath test to see if you definitely are lactose free. Ask your gastroenterologist.

    Like the first answer, I try to eat potatoes on their own as they are sometimes the cause of unexplained cramp (and then I know it is the potatoes).

  • yes maryella asda and tesco morrisons x

  • thank you Barny

  • As I can't eat diary either, I only ever eat Hellmans full fat mayo - a lot of the others, including Hellmans low fat mayo, has milk powder in them & some cheaper varieties have maltodextrin in them.

  • yw in holland and barrett they do a dairy free egg free mayo i use that aww it must be so hard for you bad enough just celiec so good luck xxxat mo its buy 1 get 1 half price

  • As a general rule of thumb, allergies will get worse over time with exposure (an allergy will generally be indicated by swollen/tingling tongue/mouth/lips or difficulty in breathing following consumption). You should see a doctor if you have an allergy as this could have longer term implications.

    A simple way to see if you have an allergy to a foodstuff is to rub some of it onto you lips/cheek (taking care not to lick your lips) - if you get a skin reaction (rash, etc) it may suggest an allergy and you should seek medical advice.

    An intolerance will give a range of symptoms but typically will not get worse over time, indeed on a free-from diet, some intolerances may lessen or disappear (unless there is an influx of the trigger food in which case they will return).

    You need to take some of the guesswork out of this and would suggest using a food diary think-free.info/infocentre/ to collect information on what you are eating and drinking.

    it is not unusual for coeliacs to have diary related problems and a Swedish study found that around 50% of coeliacs presented a coeliac-like reaction when milk was introduced into their gut. Try using Vitalite margarine or Pure instead which are both dairy free.

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