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Anyone have issues with hives AFTER starting gluten free?


Hives was not one of my symptoms before going gluten free. I had pain in my right side under my ribs. Ruled everything else out, dr. said eliminate gluten. I did, then also dairy because I kept getting the pain every time I ate dairy. Both have been out of my diet completely for around 2 weeks. Now suddenly I have been breaking out in hives! The other morning I only had coffee with non-dairy creamer and broke out. Today it was after a bowl of tomatoes and cucumbers with Catalina dressing! It's happened for 3 days now. Had to take Benadryl today. I also get itchiness in my mouth and throat. I do have seasonal allergies so, could it be that? I'm going crazy!! Will be making an appt. at an allergist but was just wondering if anyone has had anything similar happen.

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I cannot see any reason for a GP telling you to eliminate gluten from your diet without carrying out any tests or investigations. Hives or Urticaria I had prior to being tested for CD and it did not go away when I went on a coeliac diet. My Urticaria is the result of a formaldehyde allergy which after moving home twice and going out as little as I have to is getting under control, It took 8 years to get this allergy diagnosed. I also get pains under my right rib when I have dairy products so something else to avoid. Instant coffee is just one product that produces formaldehyde and I have to avoid, fresh ground is fine.

Might I suggest an appointment with a Cutaneous Allergy Clinic for patch testing to investigate your hives.

alliegf14 in reply to pretender

They did do tests hence I said ruled everything else out. Its not celiac for sure, which is why after everything else was negative my gastroenterologist suggested gluten free. With removing both gluten & dairy the pain has gone away. Now its just the hives. An allergist will be the next step. Was just curious if anyone else dealt with this.

When I was patch tested at St Thomas' Hospital, London I was told that Kings Hospital carry out food allergy testing, if that is any help.

My referrals was done through a Consultant Dermatologist

This is not much help but:-

As a coeliac I follow a strict gluten free diet. After a couple of years or so on the diet (and feeling much better) I developed hives which would appear all over my body - then disappear whilst I waited for a doctor's appointment - and they itched and itched at night till I was nearly demented. I had allergy tests, dermatologist appointments, you name it I had it.

The problem stayed for over two years - then suddenly went!

I suffered from hives every summer for years until I went gluten free.

At one stage it was so severe I had allergy testing and they reckoned I was safer avoiding wheat/potatoes/chocolate and all red fruits. (of course before going GF I was eating plenty of all of those!) .

Since changing my diet I have had just one small hive appear which disappeared with medication, previously I had been known to end up in A and E at 4 am begging for a piriton drip to allow me some respite after no sleep for days due to the itching.

The only sure fire medication was Optimine but that made me so sleepy I couldn't work.

Have you started eating more of anything since you changed your diet? Red fruits perhaps?

It sounds as if something has changed if you were ok previously.

I hope you can fix it, the constant burning and itching is a nightmare I agree...

You sound a bit like me! I have been gluten free for about 8 months now. I started getting hives about 4 months ago.. no idea why. They are sometimes really itchy but they do go away after a couple of hours...until the next day! Decided not to bother with the docs again unless they get worse. Since being gluten free I have been feeling so much better although I have tested negative for CD. I also have pain under my ribs which radiates to my right shoulder. Docs can't find anything.

I wondered if the problem had anything to connect it with dermatitis herpetiformis (try google) but my doctor poo pooed it. I am fed up with doctors not taking CD seriously, some of them don't seem to have any idea what it entails - I was once told to try introducing gluten to my diet gradually, half a slice of wholewheat bread a day! (and yes I have changed my doctor).

Reen, someone on here found her pain under the ribs went when she cut out dairy for a few weeks.

for anyone that still suffers with this condition, this homeopathic remedy is the only thing that helped me. it's natural and can be taken as needed. i did 3 tablets under the tongue every 2 hours until symptoms subsided. then every 4 hours for an extra few days. good luck

I thought I had CD but was diagnosed with wheat allergy from blood tests. Also probable barley and rye. I get severe pain under ribs for about 8 days after ingestion, also hives which come and go, and permanent lumps on arms. I avoid gluten free food unless it is also wheat free on label. Get better soon.


Two weeks ago I found out I was allergic to gluten and have been off of it since then. I have just gotten hives all over my body today and I have never had them before in my life. It has to be connected. I'm thinking of going back on gluten! Any suggestions???

mariuli in reply to DavidsonP

Hi I have a similar problem. I haven't been diagnosed with CD but I thought I would go gluten free for a while to deal with inflamation and other problems. Anyway, yesterday and the day before I broke out in hives that covered all my body and now I am wondering if I am allergic to some ingredient in gluten- free bread or cookies. They contain several substances (long list of ingredients don't know what they are) that I may not have had before and are now my main suspects. I could be wrong, and this could be just a coincidence but I was wondering if anyone else has come to similar conclusion.

Ashleyrene13 in reply to mariuli

I am having the same problem. I tried this for inflammation and always feeling tired. It's helped with those but I am breaking out in a rash on my nose, chest and hands. I've been gluten free for 2 weeks now and thinking about going back to eating it!

I went off of gluten 2 weeks ago and now have an awful case of hives. Has to be connected to gluten free as I've never had hives before. Any suggestions?

Did anyone ever find out what the hives were from? How long did they last? I'm 3 weeks gf and 2 weeks with crazy itchy hives!

I am going though this now. I quit gluten a month ago now I get hives? Maybe our immune systems balancing out to all the new foods we are eating to make up for the bread and pastas? I’m hoping that’s all it is and will pass

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