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Group B Strep?

Hi, my last pregnancy was going pretty well! I had a couple of small bleeds at the start which was pretty scary but that passed by 12 weeks. One night at 26 weeks i woke up early hours with a tight tummy and wet pjs. Thought id wet myself, changed and went back to sleep. Later that day i was still getting little wet patches so i called the midwife who sent me to L&D just to get checked over. Turns out my waters had ruptured so they gave me a shot of steroids and sent me by ambulance to Addenbrookes (they thought my baby was coming). I had no contractions and spent the next 8 days in hospital. After being discharged i had to go for apps 3x weekly for blood tests, scans and monitoring. My baby boy was finally induced at 35 weeks 4 days due to blood levels rising. He came out perfect and was sent home after 2 nights. On the first night he wouldnt feed properly and when the midwife arrived in the morning she tried cup feeding, syringing, bottle feeding and putting him to my breast to no avail but said to keep trying and call hospital if he still refused feeds. Later the same day my baby went stiff in my arms and the end of his nose was blue. I called the hospital who informed me that he 'was probably cold' and to wrap him up even though i told them he STILL wasnt feeding. An hour later while in his dads arms he went stiff and blue again, so called hospital again who said they would call back. My boyfriend called an ambulance instead and when they came said my baby looked a bit yellow but didnt really have the knowledge of babies (some paramedic!) so he called the hospital for me who told me that my midwife was refusing to come out so could we DRIVE him to hospital ourselves as someone may need the baby ambulance. When we arrived a nurse in SCBU stripped him down and laid him in an incubator on a breathing matt. She said he looked very pale and slightly yellow. Within minutes of this happening alarms started going off and his breathing rate and heart rate was dropping. I had no idea what was happening so called someone over. All hell broke loose after this, doctors and nurses rushing in and i remember someone telling me that they would have to intrubate? him and my other half led me away as i was upset. They took a while as he started fitting and couldnt get the tube down his throat. They couldnt do a lumbar puncture as he was too ill and eventually as he wasnt improving put him into a coma and sent him to a different hospital. He couldnt keep his blood pressure up and his little body started shutting down. I remember Group B Strep being mentioned and also meningitis but he tested positive for only enterovirus (which ive googled and doesnt cause what he had). He pulled through eventually after 2 weeks THANK GOD but only has sepsis and a big ? on the notes ive seen. Not even the doctors know to this day what was wrong but i know they never tested me for group b strep even tho i did have IV antibiotics in labour. I have now been tested positive for GBS and im 18wks 2days pregnant even though they were NOT actually looking for this it just grew in the lab. I never knew about the risks or what it was and i have not been looked after this pregnancy. I am positive my boy had this GBS but VERY lucky to have him here. Ill never get over it though!

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