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just needing some advice

hi i wonder if some one could answer a quest for me .my daughter gave birth to her little girl 5 mnths ago after the delivery my grandaughter was fine but my daughter was really poorly she had blood transfusions antibiotics through a drip and a week in hosp ,she was diagnosed with strep b.she had a test done lastweek which has come back saying she is still carrying the strep b infection ,she has been put on antibiotics but carnt get in to see a gp for two weeks can someone tell me what the implications of still having strep b means and how you get rid of it.thanku.

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Hi Supermum - it all depends on where the GBS was found. If it was found from a vaginal or rectal swab, then that counts as carriage (where GBS lives in/on people without causing harm) and therefore doesn't need treatment as it's normal. Antibiotics don't eradicate GBS carriage, though they're very good at killing GBS infection. If GBS was found in the urine or blood, then that's infection and needs antibiotic treatment. If she can't get to see her GP, then perhaps she could get a phone call with him?


I will always carry Strep B, however have been told that it is only a concern during labour. It recurs and I have bnever had antibiotics as it generally goes as quickly as it arrives. I was not tested during my pregnancy, went into labour at 32 weeks, had never heard of Group B Strep at that point and my daughter did contract Group B Strep. Please support the charity Group B Strep Support They do a fabulous job. A mum with 2 beautiful children