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My 13 yr old daughter has been sick for about 3 months. Her IgE levels are 2150! Dr grew Aspergiliousis (? dont know how to spell it) with her blood culture. She's having asthma, tiredness, weakness, chest pain, etc...He diagnosed her with ABPA. She started 30 mg Prednisone & anti fungal meds. Gonna be on the anti fungal for 6 mths. We just found out we have mold all in our house and ServePro is cleaning is all out right now. I have several ?'s....

1. Will this get better and go away?

2. Can we get allergy shots for the Aspergillosis mold?

3. Any ideas how to sleep while on 30 mg PRedisone...shes staying up till 4 am!

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Sorry to hear this. I can only give you a tip a nurse gave me and that is to take the Prednisone in the morning so it doesn't keep you up at night. I pray everything else works itself out. She is very young to be dealing with an illness.


Thank you!!



So sorry to hear about your daughter and so young.

Sleeping is a pain with pred but taking it early helps, but as your daughter's dose is reduced then it should improve, it's just one of the side effects but it will control the nasties in her lungs combined with the anti fungal.

As for ABPA it doesn't go away unfortunately, it's controlled and you manage it.

The damp in your house does need sorting out and your doing that, as that is making your daughter's problem worse.

Best wishes always ☺


Thank you!


I was told steroids makes fungus in the body spread/grow. Prednisone is a steroid.


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