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Anyone know of natural treatments for 4-leggeds~dogs?!?

Anyone know of natural treatments for 4-leggeds~dogs?!?

I am currently giving my German Shepherd raw garlic and am going to invest in some strong probiotics~Any other suggestions? Her nose~which had 2 slits that bleed~ is beginning to heal. I am existing social security due to disabilities and money is tight as she/I are living in motel 'till we can get benefits and I get divorced.

I do have oil of oregano which I know is anti-fungal....I would be devastated were she to go the way of my other service pup and cat~:(

Many thanks in advance for any and all suggestions~

Bright blessings~


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You are unlikely to find a remedy based on unpurified plant material as even if it is an active fungicide it will be present in too small quantities to have a sustained effect once in the bloodstream of a large animal after eating.

Such material sometimes sees use as a topical dressing on the surface of skin for example but not as an oral drug.


Hey Dr.Graham,

Just curious on your thoughts on taking licorice root (Glycyrrhiza) when coming off of Prednisone,

since it does stimulate the adrenal glands.




There are many pharmacologically active substances in Glycyrrhiza that I can find - I will attach a link below. As with all unpurified, complex biologically active material it has many known effects on different mechanisms that affect how our bodies regulate themselves and many unknown. Consequently it would be unwise of me to recommend its use without medical supervision as you may get a good effect on steroid induction but then risk many bad effects (blood pressure, hypertension and many more) - see for a few examples.

In terms of its use for steroid replacement it seems to have a use taken with the cortisone prescribed by your doctor as it helps absorption, though not as good as grapefruit juice!

Use with extreme caution and with your doctors supervision.


Pau d'arco - liquid extract, oregano oil.


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