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Brownish mucousy vaginal discharge not pregnant


Guys, sorry for the picture it might be gross.I just wanted to ask if someone experienced a discharge like this.I had my menstruation on 25th of March and today April 2 I saw that kind of discharge that fell off on the bowl when I pee. I used tissue to get it on the bowl. Could it be a vaginal discharge that mixed with old blood? That is the only time I experienced a discharge like that. sometimes I am experiencing pale yellow to yellow discharge with that kind of texture. It is not smelly. I am afraid that there could be something wrong in my cervix.

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The only part of your question I can think might have relevance to fungi is the potential for this to be a sign of a yeast infection. The signs and symptoms of this are here - so my guess is that you don't have a yeast infection. If you have any concerns it is always best to see your doctor.


Just your hormones giving you a heads up on what your body is doing. More than likely mid cycle discharge. See link for info on various normal cyclical discharge

I agree with the other 2 comments. If it carries on or gives off any odour you must have a smear & rule any pathogens out completely. I have no wish to cause concern but anything down there which shouldn't be can cause serious issues in later life.

Having smears are a pest but the peace of mind by far outweighs the bother of a 60 second exam.

Please let us know the outcome

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