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hello, new to the group.

I was on Birth Control Pill for 9 months and I had a lot of side effects. the reason why I stopped taking it, its because I was feeling super depressed, had lots of anxiety, brain fog and my arms and legs felt numb most of the time, I was visiting the doctor once a week trying to figure out what was wrong with me. they never had a real answer. one told me I had vitamin b12 deficiency (which I probably did) I was taking shots of vitamin B12 and it didn't make me feel better at all. I have spent so much money on supplement to solve the problem. I came across candida when I was googling some of my symptoms. I went to see a chiropractor and he didn't test me bt said i have candida because of the symptoms i told him I had. I been doing acupuncture to help and i got into the candida diet. oh i also take probiotics. just have tried just about anything. the candida diet has been really hard. i heard it takes months to kick the infection out of your system. anyway, my question is how can i get tested for candida. i feel like that's what i have but how do i get tested for it? not that i don't trust the chiropractor i just would like to be sure if that's whats wrong with me. thanks.

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A comprehensive stool test is a good indicator, just be sure to go to a reliable lab. Thecandidadiet.com is a good site for diet advice. Unfortunately you do need to stick to the diet for results, at least at first. Later you can relax a little bit, but go back to the diet if it seems like you are getting symptoms again. I followed the Donna Gates Body Ecology diet, it's excellent for candida. However, it is quite limiting, no grains only psuedo grains like buckwheat, quinoa, millet, amaranth. It did help. But in the end I chose to go on Nystatin tablets for 3-4 weeks, in addition to diet and natural anti-fungals. The naturals alone weren't doing enough. A good probiotic (taken away from anti-fungals) is a must too. Good luck!


I think a good diet is important but rather than excluding particular items too rigorously we would tend to say ensure that you have a balanced diet with lots of fibre to promote immune health and good microbiome growth.

Having said that many of us love our sugar and most of us could moderate sugar intake and get a health benefit - if you must have lots of sugar best to have it in fruit!

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Hi bit late to respond but I had tests done via candidatest.co.uk/ had my results back and I have candida. So here's hoping I can improve my symptoms. Hope yours has improved x


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