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Yeast/candida overgrowth


Hello, I am 24 years old and I believe I have a yeast or candida overgrowth. I think I have had it for two years or longer. Two years ago I started taking birth control and then I realised that it was making my hair fall extremely fast ( a year later I decided to go off that specific pill) I tried a different birth control pill but right away I would get yeast infections. I had staying on that pill for two months and I had two yeast infections. During this time I started having recurring UTIs so I took plenty of antibiotics and what not. Not knowing that it was going to wreck havoc in my body. After going off the pill completely, I decided to use the Kyleena IUD to prevent any unwanted pregnancies but that did not workout so well either so two weeks ago I took it out. Now I am birth control free, but I still feel horrible all over. I eat fairly healthy, I don’t overdo sugars or anything but this past year I was extremely stressed since I was finishing with my last semester of college. Now I am depressed for no reason, I am extremely exhausted all the time,I had ringworm, I have toenail fungus, I have rashes, but no yeast infections or UTIs as of right now. The last one I had came on the day of my graduation ceremony, both yeast infection and UTI at the same time ( may 12th) so I had to take antibiotics and antifungals for the infections.

Can anyone please let me know what I could do to get myself back together. I am feeling extremely hopeless today and would love to see if anyone else had to deal with this issue and how they overcame it.

Thank you!

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Please discuss with your G.P Meanwhile ensure any meds you take are not negatively interacting. I was taking topiramate or topamax with pain killers & since stopping my many fungal issues are going. I lost so much hair all my limb & arm hair. I had tinea versicolor toenails dropping off thick coated tongue awful.

Boost your immune system & ask for a blood test to ensure everything is optimum.

Use per & probiotics to replace any disturbed flora in the gut. I use Lindens the 'MAX' version as it contains both pre & probiotics. They really keep my gut clean & flat tum.

After stress check your B12 & other B vits

Nu spray B12 with q10 & green apple will give an immediate boost. Take one or 2 bottles 4 sprays a day & no more as your B12 will be optimum by then & your spirits should be good & ready for anything.

Barocca Boost or generic type with guarana are a good immune boosting vit complex. In UK tesco do a generic Boost half the price also in tubes of effervescent tablets.

Make sure you have a brisk walk or burst of energy each day to naturally release those feel good endorphins.

Be well.

Maybe I think you need to be tested for Lyme disease. A lot of doctors Mis diagnose the rash as ringworm when it’s actually an EM rash

ch_tbt in reply to Tickbite29

The rash is already gone

Excellent news! :-)

ch_tbt in reply to Tickbite29

It also looked nothing like the images o just saw online for Lyme desease

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