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Hi everyone question about aspergillious fungus

Hi everyone in November 2015 I had nasal polyps removed surgeon was surprised at how large they were so operation was 90 mins instead of 45 mins during this operation both citrobacter and aspergillosis were found.

Since then I have very frequent nasty smells in my nose (sweaty feet - wet dog smells)

I douche my nose frequently and my Dr says I can't be cleaning the inside of by nose properly but has prescribed several different courses of antibiotics but none work for long

I also have constant headaches feel very tired even though I am on vitamin B12 injections I still feel generally rough most days does anyone have any suggestions / ideas

Thank you for taking the time to read and any responses greatly appreciated

Thank you

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find a doctor who tests for mycotoxins

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It sounds like you have ongoing infections in your sinuses, possibly fungal infections. Sinusitis is notoriously difficult to treat so you are your doctors have to keep going with the antibiotics and maybe try an antifungal drug. Steroids can help reduce swelling and thus aid drainage and further surgery is often needed.

If your doctors need advice on use of antifungal drugs for sinusitis they can read our articles on the subject at or contact us - nationalaspergillosiscentre...

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Hi there, I've had a sinus infection for over 7 yes that doesn't respond to conventional treatment. I decided to try Serrapeptase after not getting anywhere with a natural practitioner either. It's been 8 days and I think it might just be doing the trick. I work as a gardener and belief it's probably down to fungus rather than bacteria. Aspergillosis is common in my environment. Have a look in to the studies and see what you think. There's a lot of peer reviewed positive studies available. Good luck :) Ps. Trying to get a GP to actually test what's inside of my nose has been impossible


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