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Itraconazole tablets - again.


Can't believe this. After getting the correct Sandoz make itraconazole tablets eventually last month. I put in my repeat in plenty of time to get more for this month - luckily about two weeks too early. Go to collect my prescription and first off only get 2 boxes. Go back to collect the rest and they have another make. Ok as soon as I see the boxes tell them they are the wrong ones. The pharmacist says oh yes you want the one in the pink and white box - we do not have a resident pharmacist in our Boots it is a different one every time we go there. So go back after a couple of days will have to wait longer as we have got to out in a special order - as they have done twice before. Leave it for another couple of days. Now they don't think they can get them. So telephoned around other pharmacies to be told they can't get them and can only be obtained through the hospital. The hospital says no, that is not correct but anyway it doesn't matter I can have any tablets and it doesn't matter if they chop and change them to always get the cheapest ones. So have just left a message with the aspergillosis nurses at National Aspergillosis Centre to try and get me a letter from one of the Doctors there to say that I should always have the Sandox preparation. Really annoys me because actually, as has been proved they can get them. A shame I have a monthly prescription I am going to get onto my surgery after their lunch hour to try and get that changed to a 2 monthly prescription. I will ask for a repeat prescription with a month's tablets left so that we have the time to go through this silly routine every time. Really annoying. Next time I go to the NAC will ask for a six month prescription. I don't mind carrying a boot full of tablets all the way home! The sooner I move from this god forsaken place the better. My Dad was a proud Welshman who spoke only Welsh until he went to grammar school but knew devolution or home rule would leave us far worse off and it has - still I suppose we only have ourselves to blame.

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Just got a call to say that I can get the Sandoz tablets. So it is two weeks tomorrow since I put my repeat prescription in but I will still have to wait 3-5 days to get it. So glad my repeat prescription is through some manipulation on my part, dated a month th ahead of when I need it. I actually put in my first prescription with the Doc here a month before my supply I got from the National Aspergillosis Centre were finished. Just as well but it is annoying that you have to do something "naughty" to get what you want. I knew to do it because I have had to do similar things so that have enough inhalers to take with me on holiday. Well, no point in getting old if you don't become "artful" as my Nan used to say. Lol.

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