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Sorry not posted much over the last couple of days. Been back to the National Aspergillosis Centre at University Hospitlal of South Manchester - travel up Thursday appointment Friday and had to travel back Friday after the appointment as today was treated to a Spa Day as my "hen do"from my lovely niece. Had a wonderful time, 4 lengths of the pool - I am not a swimmer but there was no chlorine in there air so it was wonderful and my breathing held out - surprised about that as my inhalers have been changed so pleased as well. Then the hot tub and a body scrub, shower, massage and facial - lunch. Absolutely brilliant day.

Once again my compliments to everyone at the National Aspergillosis Centre. Such lovely, helpful people. Wish I lived nearer though you have had a lot of rain over the last 24 hours so maybe not. Just as well we had to leave on Friday as may have had difficulty driving back today in the deluge!

Will hopefully get back into the swing of things tomorrow and answer posts and notifications.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend despite the weather.

Love and hugs



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Hi Sian, can't beat a good old spa treatment. Hubby awaiting his first appointment at Manchester after gpdid a referral letter - so fingers crossed. The weather down here in Kent is so mild and damp at the moment. Think we really need a sharp cold spell to kill s few germs - or is that a myth ?

Take care

Marion xx


Yes it is really mild here too a little colder now but we have heating on low now and again. Mainly to air washing! Glad you are waiting for an appointment at Manchester. Book into the premier inn there are a lot around there but the airport ones charge for parking but are very close to the hospital. We usually go for the cheapest at the time of booking which the last two visits has been Altrincham. About 10 mins from the hospital. They have a lot of Docs away over this last month so you may have to wait longer than the promised 2 weeks but hope you get seen soon. You will be so well looked after when you get there can't tell you how good they all are there.

love and hugs



PS Have decided to ask for a 9am appointment in future as always twiddling our thumbs in the hotel waiting to leave and are nearly always there 45 mins early!

All the best




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