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Aspergilloma and Vfend Treatment

My father was diagnosed with aspergilloma of the right lung. After right lateral thoractomia, decortication of the right lung and atypical resection of the upper lobe, he has bronchopleural fistula. He was diagnosed a half a year ago. He has been on the treatment Voriconazole for 1 month, and felt better. However, the medicine Vfend i extremely expensive and very to difficult to be find . However, since he stopped taking Voriconazole, all his original symptoms have returned.

So how you are getting this Voriconazole and is it also so expensive in your country.

Also please advise are you taking some additional vitamins with the medicine as it is also toxic.

Awaiting your further advise.

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In the UK at the National Aspergillosis Centre we are fully funded by the NHS to use voriconazole to treat Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis. For other forms of aspergillosis patients have to apply to their local NHS funding bodies.

Affording these expensive drugs is a big problem, however voriconazole comes of exclusivity license in Europe in 2016 so prices will drop dramatically as generic drugs come to market - that may be some help for people around the world as it won't be long before this applies everywhere. Not to be taken without medical supervision though!

Prices are high as antifungals currently have a very limited market compared to drugs used to treat much more common illness. They cant sell so many so have to charge more as the price of developing the drug doesn't change.

Something similar happened in around 2008 for itraconazole and prices dropped from £6-700 to around £150 for pack.


Thanks for your reply. Hope to drop the prices. Can you or some users advise which kind of vitamins are you taking with the Vfend maybe something for stomach or cough or blood presure..


We generally recommend a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables rather than specific supplements, though vitamin D is taken by those we have found to have low levels.

Be aware that most food supplements have no proven effectivity, though a few have (see for guidance) .

Other medication is as prescribed - note that taking antacid medication is likely to have an impact on your absorption (and thus blood levels) of some antifungal drugs eg itraconazole so if you start taking such a drug mention it to your doctor.

You might like to join the aspergillosis support group at


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