Have now been taking this for nearly a week. Feel much better already. My cough is less frequent. My peak flow is fairly steady at 330/340. I have more energy and feel more alive than I have for a long while. Feel I have a purpose when I get up in the morning now. All I need to do is to get rid of my verruca now and I really will feel on top of the world.

Hope it continues this way and I don't get any of the severe side effects with itraconazole.

All the best everyone.



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  • hi freefaller i also am taking itraconazole 400mg a day finding the same thing my cough is much better and i feel better i take them alongside 20mg a day of prednisone do you take this mix also? goodluck hope you stay well

  • Pleased to know you are feeling better.

  • So glad to hear you are doing so well. M

  • Thanks everyone. I now think I have a cold. Very snotty nose and very productive cough. Doc not going to do anything because my peak flow is still OK. Needed to take cough sweets at a concert on Saturday night. Had a great day on Sunday but still full of snot and mucus! Yuck.

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