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I may have this, any thoughts?

Hi, not posted here before. I am on a couple of the other HU sites though as I have fibromyalgia.

In regards to this condition, I have literally found out about it today. I don't sleep well so I was messing about on a well known search engine. Early yesterday (Friday) I had a follow-up x-Ray after a hospitalisation with suspected pneumonia. I was treated as such and sent home with two more lots of strong antibiotics. Would have had steroids but I convinced the doc to leave them. The person (radiographer?) said that my previous X-ray had showed my lungs as clear. When she told me this I was very suprised. I asked her to clarify that it was indeed the X-ray taken when I was ill in hospital and it was. She did the X-ray despite her hesitation. As far as she was concerned, it was unnecessary.

Anyway, it played on my mind somewhat and I did what I always do, look stuff up.

I came across one condition that was a fit for symptoms I've had getting progressively worse over the last 15 years. My mother reckons it's longer but I can't say honestly. I have put down my symptoms below so you can make your own guesses if you wish.

My GP referred me to the respiratory clinic which I attend in a few weeks. This referral was done prior to the 'pneumonia'.

My symptoms.

Productive cough. - I've had a regular productive cough for years. Laughing sets me off, any sort of exercise can set it off (not helped by my mobility problems). I also have asthma which is not well controlled. I suffer batches of chest infections which rarely clear up without either/or/and extra antibiotics and/or steroids. The infections seem to be in batches, with a period of several weeks or months with no infections.

I always feel like I have something in the lower part of my throat that I can't shift.

Stress is a factor for sure. I can guarantee I'll get ill if something happens that causes undue stress on the body or mind. Often, when heading for infection weeks in advance, I run hot. My normal basal temperature is 36.5C. It rises to around 37.5C. Any activity causes my temperature to rocket, leaving me sweaty, weak and shaking.

Drives me mad!

Anyhow, I've written quite enough. So sorry for its length. Any thoughts or possible alternative conditions I may have missed? Thank you in advance.

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There would not be much point in speculating about what you may or may not have healthwise from our point of view unless we knew your full medical history, and only your own doctors have that. If you are concerned it is a better idea to raise your concerns with them and if not satisfied with their reply ask for a referral or second opinion - if they agree you can then be seen at a specialist centre to assess for asthma that is sensitive to fungus. One such centre is here at the National Aspergillosis Centre, others include the Brompton Hospital in London.


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