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High Ige and aspergillus IgG?


I became ill after moviing into a moldy house (breathing difficulties, coughing, fatigue, malaise). Since taking anti fungals, the breathing difficulties and coughing have gone but I still have fatigue and malaise (general ill feeling/flu-like).

My bloods were tested recently and my IgE was over 1000 (normal range on lab sheet: <100) and the aspergillus IgG is over 90 (normal range on lab sheet: <39). However, my CT scan on chest and sinus was normal. The anti fungals did not have any effects on these blood results and I was put on prednisolone 20mg for 6 weeks but it did not bring down the bloods too much (IgE is now 600, aspergillus IgG is now 80). Could these blood results be the cause of my fatigue and malaise? And what exactly does a high aspergillus IgG mean?

Thanks in advance.

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IgG generally indicates a recent infection, IgE an immediate response e.g. allergy-like symptoms. From this we might conclude you are still being exposed to Aspergillus somehow - possibly by living in a home with ongoing mould problems - has your home been assessed?

Fatigue and malaise could be side effects of the medication you are taking.

This needs to be talked over with your doctor.



Hi Dr Graham,

Thanks for your reply.

I definitely do not have any obvious mold exposure at the moment. I moved out of the moldy house a few months ago and I moved back into my family home where I was living all my life before this happened and my breathing has remained perfect since the course of anti fungals. There is no dampness, visible mold or high humidity in this house.

I am not on any medication at the moment and I still have the fatigue and malaise and had them before starting the medication. All my bloods have been extensively tested (thyroid, adrenals, hormones, glucose, deficiencies, etc) and the only abnormal results are the high IgE and the aspergillus IgG.

These have been elevated for the past year now but are slowly coming down with prednisolone so hopefully the fatigue/malaise might disappear when they are down to the normal ranges.



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