Update on Dad NSCLC

Tomorrow Dad is going to have a consult with an Interventional radiologist for his liver. The cancer has spread to that area , and his Oncologist is referring him for intervention therapy. Supposedly going to do a Y-90 chemo for the liver, in which they inject 'beads' to attack the cancer.

Has anyone else here had this procedure done? Think now is the time instead of letting the tumors spread like wild-fire. Any experience with this anyone?


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3 Replies

  • I'm very interested in learning more about this. Hopefully someone with experience with this will check in.

  • I don't have any experience with this, but know of two other people with whom I am connected through social media that have had this done recently or will be having this done. It sounds like it is the latest treatment for mets to the liver. Sending you best hopes that the treatment will be helpful for you.


  • Update on Dad NSCLC, hello again; the procedure for the liver tumor is called radioembolization ; After consulting the "Intervensionist Oncologist"; Dad will have this procedure about 1 week after chemo treatment, so he has time to recover from the chemo's side effects. Apparently this procedure involves at least 2 visits to this specialist; one for the 'mapping' of the tumor, then for the actual injection of the y-90 'beeds' hopefully this works. Anyone else here had this done? Thanks

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