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looking for possible treatments for my dad


I recently found out that my dad who is 75 years old, has lung cancer. He has told me, there is nothing they can do to help him, because he is already 7 and half stone and on ensure drinks. He hasn't told me much about what they have and have not told him, only he has just to ride it out until he passes. There has got to be something we can try or something to make what life he has left easier for him. He is a very stubborn man and doesn't accept help very well normally, but I think this has scared him to the point he will try anything.

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Hello i,m sorry to hear that my father passed15 years ago from so people lung cancer. He was stubborn but we finally got him to open up. Back then they didn,t have all these new treatments now people have a fighting chance. Can you get him to let you talk to his doctors. Because there is hope. I,m a little over a 5 year lung cancer suviour. So please tell him there is hope and to keep fighting and don,t give up. I know this very scary for you but hang in there. Every one here will be here for you they are a good bunch of people. Free to Breathe/ Health Unlocked is a good place to be and i thank them.

Hi bpratt86, I totally agree with Susijo’s comments. You always have a chance nowadays. Never Give Up, and Never Give In! Six year survivor, judg69


Hi! I am 71 and was diagnosed in 2013 with stage 4 non small cell adenocarcinoma. I heard the statistics but decided I wasgoing to be in the percentage who survives. It is 2018 and I have been in remission since 2016.

There are so many new treatments and you have options. I did not have a lobectomy nor radiation. I only did chemo and targeted treatments. They also now have immunotherapy drugs that uses your own immune system to fight cancer. I would not be surprised if a cure is just around the corner.

Lung cancer now does not have to mean a death sentence. Ask your dad if you could go with him to an appointment. It is overwhelming at first and you need an extra pair of ears to make sure you remember the options you have.

Your dad would benefit by reading a lot of stories here. There are more survivors everyday.

There is hope. If he believes that and has a positive attitude, then your dad can go a long way to becoming a survivor like so many who post here.

My mantra is “Never give up! Life is worth living!”

All the best,


You should try to talk to his doctors. Seems unusual that it was so cut and dry. Hope you get some answers.

dear bpratt86, have you heard of OZONE THERAPY i have heard it very goo for people with cancer even if it's stage 4, you have to have 3 treatment a week and it costs 100.00 euro per session,it's followed up with medication to build you up and you can have while you are having cemo. My husband has lung cancer but has had a biopsy to confirm it we are going to see about the OZONE THERAPY on monday. We live in Ireland but the U.K. Germany and the U.S.A. do this treatment, you could look it up and see what you think. i will keep you up to date on how My Husband got on.

Best wishes,


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I will speak to him about this but unfortunately i am in no position to afford that treatment, i think but no certain he has a rainy day fund but its hard to tell him to use that in the case that doesn't work and he wants to do something he's always wanted to do if worse comes to worse if that makes sense

Your father needs a second opinion. Go to the doctor with your father and have him/her give you his diagnosis. Initially when I was diagnosed I felt I had been given a death sentence. After meeting with the ‘right’ doctor, I had nothing but hope and a more positive outlook.

Having the right doctor care for your father will make a world of difference in the way you both see the future.

Sounds like you're in Europe. We don't understand "stones" as a measurement . If you read my previous post I threw out a bunch of what to eat ideas. I know I tried Ensure and it was gross. If he's ready to throw in the towel I'd recommend a trip to the Grand Canyon, Brice and the other national parks in Utah. See them before our current government turns them into oil rig disasters.

Hi all and thank you so much for your replies and support, i am going to get him to ask for a second opinion and go with him if he will let me, i dont know what stage he is or what help they have offerd as i have said before he is very stubborn but i am going to put my foot down and try get him the help he needs, and i will update as soon as i know more, thabks again for your support. elmerfudd314 he is not throwing in the towel i wont let him and doesnt have a passport to travel abroad i dont think he is well enough to travel that far. He beat testicle cancer in the 80 he can beat this with help from me as i am the only person he has left atm and all of you thanks again

bpratt86, I too think it is very unusual that the doctors were so negative, perhaps you can get some answers. Also a second opinion definitely sounds in order. For information on finding care outside of the US, please see: cancer.gov/about-cancer/man... and scroll down to: "Finding a treatment facility outside the United States". On that same page, you can read about second opinions. Good luck, I hope he is willing to hear what someone else has to say about treatments.

Did they do mutation testing on his cancer? I heard a doctor say the other day that he has seen individuals whose tumors have genetic mutations for which there are treatments be on the brink of death only to make a nearly complete recovery once they began getting the drugs.

Wishing you and your dad the best.

Im not to sure as of yet but will find out as soon as i can what they are saying

May I also suggest that you go to nccn.org/patients/guideline.... You will find a Patient Guide for Lung Cancer. It may help you prepare for your doctor visit with your dad. It deals with current treatments, etc. You may have to complete a few questions, but the 100+ page guide is free of charge.

The link doesn't work. Perhaps could you check again and see if there is another address?

thank you

Hi thank you for your reply, we are in preston england and yes that will be great and thanks for the advice i really apreciate it

Thanks again for the support, unfortunately my dads wife who passed 10 years ago has a cousin who has waded in and took over i never got chance to speak to his Drs as this woman has moved herself into to my dads house, made him sign her as next of kin and won't let him speak to me, my dad managed to ring me a few weeks back and asked me to go see him as he has recently found out he has a brain tumour as Well as lung cancer so its worse then i first thought, but when i got there she wouldnt let me in, i tried ringing him but she takes the phone of him and puts it down, i rang yesterday she answered i asked her why she lied and said I'm not stopping you, i said pass the phone to my dad and she must of forgot to cover the phone because me and my partner heard her say to him ( tell him you don't want to speak to him) i don't know why she is doing this and she has her husband at home who is also dieing with cancer, so after the call yesterday i rang 101 for the police and explained everything to them and they agreed something isn't right so there going to speak to him on his own, but if she is bullying him into saying he is ok they cannot do anything, I'm so upset over this,i just don't know what more to do i might not see him before he dies he told me he has a matter of weeks left and that was 2 weeks ago. She takes his bank card to get shopping in or so she tells him he can't check his account he can hardly get out of bed and doesn't know how to use a phone or iPad for online banking so she could be taking all his money or anything I'm lost i really am.

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Speak to your local MEP about resources to protect your father or find a non-profit that works in elder protection.

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