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New CT Scan as of March 16 2017 with mix results

Good Morning Everyone,

Had another CT Scan on March 16, 2017 and also took a month of chemo as I was getting sicker and sicker each time I was given the Carbo and Eposide. New results are mixed. My appointment with the Doctor is April 3, 2017.

Everything as resolved in my left lung and liver. I have had four rounds of chemo. They called this CT Scan Restaging of Lung cancer. I still have a small nodule in the lower left of my lung. They called this a precarinal Lymph node that on 12/20/2016 measured 18mm and in this scan it was 5mm. What is a precarinal lymph node?

In my liver I had tumors in sections 3,5,and 8. All that is left a small cystic lesions that were there before the cancer traveled to my liver.

Recist lesion 5 was likely a lymph node in the left major fissure. This is no longer identifiable. What is a left major fissure?

But here comes the not so good news. They say there is a blastic lesion at T7 in my spine. I have no pain. They called it a new osseous metastatic disease involving the T7 vertebral body. They spoke about a amenable to percutaneous biopsy in conjection with the thermal ablation are considerations'.

OK what is a percutaneous biopsy and what is a thermal ablation?

They have before stated I may have mestastic disease in L1, C5 and right Femur and Left hip. I disagreed because these were injury sites that in other CT Scans especially the one in Feb of 2017 were stated like this. However I am a bit worried about this, and I have had back pain all my life.

So could they be wrong again? Any help in answering my questions would help. I am still wondering even though my liver biopsy stated I had small cell and maybe lymphoma, could I have had both and now this is the lymphoma showing up?

Thank Kym

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Wow!!!! What a lot of information. Your mind must be spinning. I think the best way to handle it is to take it one step at a time. Your questions are all good ones and deserve answers. Unfortunately I do not have the knowledge to help there, but your oncologist does. Be sure to ask all these questions and have someone there with you taking note of the answers. Do not leave until you understand everything and can make informed decisions. The journey with lung and any cancer is never easy, so one step at a time is the only way to go. I know the waiting is never easy since I am not the poster child for patience and am playing a waiting game.

I will be praying for you. You can do this.



Jean, I plan too ask allot of questions.


Kym -

I don't have the expertise to decode some of the technical questions you are asking. A session with Dr. Google searching on the specific terms like "precarinal lymph node" may answer your questions. Maybe you could call your cancer center and ask for a face-to-face with a nurse or navigator to go through your scan point by point, to help you better understand.

The thermal ablation mentioned as a possibility with the new lesion in the spine is a suggestion that the lesion can be treated. Here is a link to an abstract on the procedure:

My impression once again is that you are going to a top-notch center. I also generally feel that there is a whole big bunch of good news in that scan report, and that if you feel up to a happy dance, one is in order. Your treatment substantially beat back your cancer!


p.s. I was just thinking about you yesterday.


Thank you Anita, that was what I was thinking too. Thank you for the link.


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