Stage 3 lung cancer

Found out I had lung cancer in Feb.2015, had surgery in April to remove upper left lung then Chemo and then Radiation shortly after, as of the present time I have been told I'm NED, Thanks be to God. Had to be admitted to Hospital last week for SOB and coughing because of COPD for 3 days, I feel like I'm going down hill a little more each day even though the Dr. has told me I'm free of cancer, just so scared of it breaking out some where else, I try to put it in God's hands but it's hard to let go of the fear. The Dr. has me on a high dose of Prednasone with a taper down 60 50 40 30 and so forth and 2 inhalers, Just so very tired, want to feel normal again, I suppose my age has something to do with it, 76 yrs old next month, not much exercise because of not being too steady on my feet. Just wanting to know if there are others out there with similar feelings as me, thanks for sharing.

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  • Hi Sorry to read about issues BREATHING issue could be caused by fibrosing radiation.

    Good thing is your on steriods GUESS will take time BUT just watch for chest infections

  • Thank you for your reply, I forgot to mention that this was nsc cancer adenocarconoma. I'm also on antibiotics along with the prednisone . Yes the breathing and coughing is a real problem

  • Hi rrrksr6kid-

    That's amazing that you are currently in the clear with NED! That's such a huge win! My dad has small cell lung cancer, did you have small cell or non small cell? I'm sorry to hear you are coughing and unsteady on your feet. I know my dad has COPD too, and he coughs quite a bit and is on some anti biotics just to make sure it's not a chest infection. It sounds like you've come a long way in your battle and I think you deserve to let your mind rest! Focus on having NED. That's a major win. Stay strong and hope you feel better physically and mentally!

  • Thank you for the reply, I have nsc cancer adenocarsonoma, the coughing and breathing is a big problem for me, Doctor gave me a RX for cough medicine with hydrocortisone but it doesn't do much good, I'm hoping the prednazone kicks in soon. Sorry to hear about your Dad and COPD, I know it's a struggle for him also, tell him he is in my prayers

  • I will! Stay strong! I hope you feel better soon- you've come so far!

  • I am so glad you have joined our community, welcome!

    That COPD can be tough, I am sorry you are dealing with all of that. Hopefully you will feel better once you are off of the prednisone. It takes time to heal and come back from everything you have experienced, and I am sure it gets old trying to be patient about it all.

    But, NED? Wonderful! Please try to find a way to celebrate that great news - pamper yourself, laugh, hug someone you love. That is one label people love to have!

    Please keep chatting with us, always lovely to have a new voice.

  • Thank you so very much for your reply NED was great to hear, I need to concentrate more on those words and turn everything over into God's hands as far as the fear. Thanks again. Sure glad I have found this site

  • Glad to have you here!

  • Exercise is a major component in regaining strength. The best place to start would be to request Pulmonary rehab. Typically, PR is done in small groups with a 3 or 4-1 patient/trainer ratio. You would cover strategies that will make daily efforts easier and how to correctly use purses lip breathing.

    If there is a Livestrong program at the local YMCA they are wonderful at helping cancer patients adapt strategies for exercise. Also look into programs offered by your hospital. Often they will have a Silver Sneakers program led by teachers who have a great deal of experience in patients like you and I. Also, your hospital may have classes specifically for cancer patients- mine offers yoga.

    If there is a Cancer Support Community or a Gilda's Club near you they have specific programs.

    Check your local senior center for classes as well.

    As wonderful as prednisone has been in helping heal my lungs after an exacerbation I find that they increase my anxiety and leave me feeling weak. Dizziness is a common side effect of it as well. Do the taper though exactly as directed. When it is out of your system you will find you sleep better.

    Prayer and mindfulness can help as well. Sometimes taking a class in meditation can help.

  • Thank you for information, I have started walking on my treadmills hopefully I will get some strength in my legs and not be so weak

  • Can't stress enough how much Pulmonary rehab will help you gain the most out of even 2-3 minutes a day on the treadmill. The hardest part is getting started and you seem to have put that behind you. I wish you improved health.

  • Thank you, My plan is to walk on treadmill at least 10 min a day to start, and hopefully work up from that, Great site, glad i got the E-mail to join.

  • Thank you

  • I did. I had surgery with 3 rounds of chemo. I went 6 month until new nodule showed up in lower lobe. I then had radiation And more chemo and developed pneumonitis. That made me very very tired and I am slowly recovering. I just found out nodule in lobe is still there. Waiting to get a biopsy now. You can't give up. Stay positive and kind. Hang in there . I will pray for you. C ( I am 55)

  • C,

    I will hold you close in my thoughts, I pray that biopsy gives powerful information to the doctors as they plan your care. Rest, heal, and be kind to yourself too! Hugs, Peggy

  • Thanks

  • Welcome. I'm so sorry that you are having these symptoms. I, too had 2/3 of my left lung removed in 2015. I am 75 years old and have been coughing and short of breath ever since. I do not have copd and believe that the symptoms are partially from having much less lung area to pass oxygen into my blood. Congratulations on starting exercising and setting reasonable goals. It really does help. In addition to walking, I have discovered a DVD called Gentle Fitness which gently strengthens the body from head to toes. It has been great for some joint problems that plague me.

    I hope this helps and that you keep us informed of your progress.


  • Thank you for your reply, I plan to keep up with the exercise, it can only help

  • The fear of it coming back never goes away ...... I have ten long years of constant fear in me ...... one little hiccup and my brain registers cancer is back ..... hang in ... cancer free is good ....... I finally made peace and tell myself what will be will be .... and yes I am catholic as well

  • I know what you mean about the fear of it rearing it's ugly head up again, seems like every little new pain I have suggests cancer, although as of now I'm NED,,,,, I have to turn this over to God and leave it there, I know he will take care of me, I just worry about my 5 daughters and what this does to them. Congrats on 10 years of being cancer free, God has truly blessed you

  • I don't know what NED is .....

  • No Evidence Of Disease, Cancer Free as of right now, Praise the Lord

  • I found out January 31-2017 that I have stage 3 lung cancer. I am going through radiation and chemo and surgery is not an option at this time anyway. I like to think that most days I have turned it all over to God but somedays the human side of me takes over and I have my doubts. I am trying very hard to keep the faith and I know I have at least the faith the size of a mustard seed. I am 53 and I have my kids at home so I try to stay positive with a good outlook so they will see me fighting the good fight. Hang in there! Get through your current situation! Spring is almost here and time for renewal. YOU CAN DO THIS!

  • You are in my Prayers, as of right now I am cancer free, I was able to have surgery chemo and then radiation. God has been good to me and everything I do it is for his glory. Keep the faith and he will pull you through according to his will, May God bless you

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