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Cronic Fatigue..... help with ;-)

Does anyone know of a mirical cure for Cronic fitigue, I can barely stay awake most days, I often fall asleep in my chair and wake up with a sore neck. and often miss appointments due to over sleeping, it doesnt matter how much sleep I get at night time, I never feel refreshed for the next day, I could quite easily sleep for 4 Aweek no problem, could be why I went to sleep for four weeks 2010 in a coma from SAH, lol, im not even sure if your gp can give you anything to stay awake? altho I do know they can give you things to sleep, the reverse, which I oviously dont need help with, so any tips or ideas on this please ;-) deedeex

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I used to suffer with the same fatigue as you and could sleep all the time, I still get fatigue but the constant sleeping and feeling tired has lessened considerably once I was diagnosed with Glucose Intolerance and am now [4 years later] type 2 diabetic. So try avoiding things that are sugary for a while, a few weeks, then have something sweet and see what happens, if you end up sleeping you need to see your GP and explain.

Good luck x


I used to be like you. What helps me are some fabulous natural products. Mainly Aloe Vera.

with IBS poor absorption it has vastly improved my energy levels. I need to as I work 6am - 2pm Mon-Fri and am now aged 50. Also ARGI +. Private message me if you want to discuss it.

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ive bought some multi vits with minerals im on my 3rd week and already finding most days better and not falling asleep all time dont know if it will work for most people but at mo its working most days for me x


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