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Polymyagia or Fibromyalgia

Hello Everyone

You have probably been asked before but im relatively new here,im on other health unlocked forums.

I have suffered for a long time with my back,shoulders & spine,my hips bones are so sore,my feet burn & i suffer from chronic sciatica.Amongst other areas,i tend to hurt from head to toe. Im getting vile cluster headaches & my eyes are hurting.

My GP wrote on my blood forms the 2 words above,does anyone know the difference or have an inkling of which of these(if any) i could possibly be suffering from.

Many thanks


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I found these to be helpful hope you do too.

gentle huggs Nutty


It could be either and there are certain things they can test to determine which it is. I have Fibro and amongst other health problems have had it for 8 years but it took 3 to get it diagnosed, so your GP is at least setting you on the right path. Good luck and take care and pace yourself, dont overdo anything even if you're having a "good" day.


Hi, I have fibro and my dad and grandmother both have polymyalgia. It is difficult to tell the two apart as some of the symptoms are the same or very similar, and I have wondered in the past if I have the right diagnosis. My dad doesn't seem the have the wide range of symptoms that I get with fibro and both he and my grandmother seem to have more pain in their upper legs and arms as their main pain area. Hope you get some answers soon x


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