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Mystery illness, help please!!!

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Hi I am really struggling at the moment with a mystery illness, I was hoping someone could give advice.

For the last 3 years on and off I’ve had these strange symptoms, I get extremely aching thighs, then after I get flu like symptoms, my throat isn’t sore as such but feels really uncomfortable and rough, can feel it on my chest so slightly, my ears feel sensitive, my eyes feel stingy. But over all I feel like crap, like I’m coming down with something, but then a few hours later or the next day it goes and I feel normal again, then it comes back the following day. And this happens on and off for months, then it can disappear for a year. However for the last 3 months it has been awful. I just had 2 weeks with no symptoms but today it’s back. I am pregnant so I wonder if that’s making it worse.

I had lots of bloods done, doctor did autoimmune test which were normal, thyroid was okay, tested for lots of infectious diseases hep b etc, all normal. The only bloods that came back abnormal was my liver, the ALT came back as 99, but all other liver tests were good. Also showed inflammation in bloods.

I have a scan on my liver, but I feel like the symptoms don’t link to liver issues. I’m struggling so badly now. Does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be?

Thank you so much

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You need to see a rheumatologist.

I'm not a doctor, but I'd suggest seeing a hepatologist or gastroenterologist (a good GI knows the liver well)...the discomfort and muscle pain can definitely be related to liver issues..... I wish you the best!

You may have this.... Temporal mandibular joint disorder!

Google it, can even give you gastric symptoms.

Aching, burning muscles from ears, jaw, neck, back, arms and legs, watery eyes, flu like symptoms, sore throat.

All this just by a habit of clenching your jaw, and you don't realise you're doing it. Biting fingernails aggravates it, you can also suffer with tinnitus too.

Try a dentist, mouth guards help a bit.

It's worth a try, if you can find no other cause.

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