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help suggestions please x

For the last 2 years i ve been in pain on my feet one more painful then the other its like the nerves inside are being stretch all the time.

i tried all the medication i guess everyone takes from gabpentin to doloxten to tramadol to slow release morphine to lirac some said was caused by nerve rubbing on the bone some said is neuropathy caused by me being diabetic altho controlled they said can happen, got the surgery they file a bit of the bone for more room for the nerve but still no changes I’m getting so desperate and so tired of this pain I’m on morphine now but even that I’m still in pain.

im totaly lost and all i do is changing the medication.

any one have any suggestions please x

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Are u sure it's not mortons neuroma ?is it in the ball of your foot forefoot


Hi Caraigee thank you so much for taking the time to reply first of all.

its the top of my foot can’t feel it at all and a constant burning sensation form below the knee and goes to my 2 big toes . fells like inside my foot the nerves are totaly stretch to the limit :(

the pain clinic now is giving up and is sending me directly to the hospital in uk to see if they can help . the constant pain special at night drives me crazy .during the day i can bare because I’m standing all the time but if i seat down to rest is when is painful

just so desperate x



It' sounds like neuropathy have you had any nerve conduction studies yet ?


yes i had everything done


I m just reading the meaning of Hortons Neuroma and something sounds quite rite x


"Morton's", I think that is, not "Horton's".


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