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My Balance with Peripheral neuropathy? or is it undiagnosed Ataxia ?


I suffer from very bad balance, I have P.N. and Ataxia, although, they cannot find out what type of Ataxia, but My neurologist says I have Ataxia, My bad Balance started years ago, before I had P.N., when I stand, my balance goes, I start to shake , then fall, I can stand with my back against a wall, but when I start to turn to move, I can't get going, I have to have a chair behind me, to sit down, or I would crash to the floor, so has anyone have the same ? and is it P.N. or Ataxia ? I am beginning to get a bit anxious, and have just had M R I and scat scan, bloods taken from the Neurologist, who said that I have Ataxia, and she was looking for a gene !!! I seen my G P Last Friday, and she just said that the Neurologist has just said that she is to see me in 6 months, but, no word of a found type of Ataxia, I phoned her secretary who said that Dr. White the Neurologist was sending me out a letter, sorry this is so long, but I am stressed, have I got Ataxia, is that what causes my balance, Neurologist said I would just get worse, and be in a wheelchair, I am that already for long distances, as My walker does not give me enough support thank you to all who read this, and hopefully can help my 77 year old brain to quiet down , Love to all , Lottie

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Hi LottieJemma

I am 70 & neurologist diagnosed neuropathy last fall (October). To me the most important thing everyday is not to fall... easier said than done! I use a cane or a walker for saftey sake. I bought a walker that l can sit on & hubby or son can push me... it has a place for my feet so it is safe. Wish l had more encouraging words for you and me but unfortunately l don't. I think being stressed by this diagnosis is par for the course. Sending Hugs... Granni B

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