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Like many others, i to have had no luck with doctors and hospitals, my problems started about 3 or 4 years ago when i had a problem with my right leg i.e when i walked my foot was not landing properly. I went to the hospital by which time I had some numbness in my lower right leg, they suspected a heart attack, luckily wrong.

Having had tests and a scan nothing was found, so I was more or less told " we cant find anything" and sent me on my way. When I was walking my foot was still not landing properly, I thought is it just me, am I going mad with old age am I imagining it. Luckily I am so far not suffering the pain that some of you are, but the numbness as slowly progressed over my body, I am still very self aware of how I walk, and my balance is bad some days. I have good days and bad.

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Hi love hope you get sorted hugs jill xxx


Thank you very much, I think its a case or more research on my part and see what i can find out. I'm very open minded about it, try to look on to look on the positive side. Once again thank you Jon x ps love the pic

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If you ever want a friend to chat I'm here xx


Thank I just might take you on that xx


Look forward to chatting that's why I'm called chatterbox lol hugs jill xx


Could it be LOW B12 ? Your level needs to be around 1000 - and yet Docs will say you are fine if you are just in range - so read as much as you can and then get tested .....

When your result is below 500 you can suffer neurological damage. Please read as much as you can of the above link and watch the videos under the heading Films on the link .....


hi maybe you need to be referred to a neurologist. I am 43 and i have been diagnosed with hereditary spastic paraplegia which i have never heard of they are still trying to find the cause plus i am still undiagnosed with other things i have going on. But the HSP ives me problems walking and i have a numb left foot as well.


Fybromyalgia?sometimes we explain with different words that drs dont pick up on because of there being discriptive words for the conditions.


Change your doc and stick with new one for a while to see if they get anywhere thats what i did and things are moving in the right direction.


Hey there-Sorry to hear you are having issues with this. My Dad has been complaining of the same thing recently. He called it drop foot. Have you heard this term?


Hi - I'd been occasionally tripping over for years, thankfully never doing much damage, but it became a standard joke to the family, including me.

Then about 2-3 years ago, i suddenly realised I had a flat-foot and had developed 'drop foot'. I now believe that this was the reason for all my falls, as the foot wasn't picking itself up properly. I also had slight numbness of the foot, couldn't move 3 toes and began to find balancing on it, difficult.

Things have progressed rapidly since and have been diagnosed with genetic neuropathy and have nerve damage in both feet, legs, arms and hands. The last few weeks, I've been experiencing excruciating pain from my lower back, downwards, on both sides.

If your dad has drop foot, please encourage him to get tested for peripheral neuropathy.

Good luck!



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