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Hi. I've been getting disability living allowance for about 10 years at the higher rate. Now it is being changed to personal independence payment. I had a face to face at home after filling in all the new forms . Now they have lowered my care part to standard rate and haven't given me mobility at all!!! I was furious. I rang up and they said they will look at it again but I have to write and say why I disagree with their decision on several parts where I wasn't awarded any points. I'm just about to do it all I have until 21 Jan so I must get cracking. I have many medical conditions. I'm in a wheelchair have severe nerve damage to legs and arms. Liver disease poorly joints just been diagnosed with osteoporosis and other medical conditions including a leaky heart valve. I can't believe who makes these decisions. Would like to hear from other people in the same boat or some advice.

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  • Not quite sure about your terminology. I presume you are speaking about Social Security Disability and there are two types, SSDI and SSSI. The first if for those that qualify for full disability and the second is a supplemental income for disable students and those than failed to work enough to qualify for full disability. Both are subject to medical review. Is this what you are trying to find out about?

  • Hi Bill. I'm in the UK? Ha the title of my post is wrong its D.L.A. my finger must have slipped. I forgot to include my age. 46 .

  • I don't suppose I can be much help from the good ol U.S. A. Best of luck

  • Thankyou xx

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