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I dont know whats causing these symptoms

This has been ongoing for a year...my symptoms are all over body and face twitching...never painful. Full feeling in face tingling prickly feeling when i open my mouth. At times i have burning sensations especially right below my eye. Constant headaches. Tingling in scalp. I aso sometimes have numb feeling fingertips or toes especially when waking up.

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Ive heard fibromyalgia effects the nervous system. From the research ive done i really think its a chronic inflammation disease and i think it might be a sub clinical autoimmune disorders. It has most of the symptoms of a autoimmune disease


Do you know your B12 level ?


Yes i had cbc with vitamin levels checked everything was normal range except for calcium


Do you have copies of your test results or did your GP tell you they were normal ? Normal is an opinion and not a result - it means your result was in range. It is where you are in the range that is important and brings wellness.

Was your B12 over 500 ? - Folate and Ferritin mid-range and VitD over 100 ? You are legally entitled to have copies of your results. Surgeries should now have your records on-line so worth asking - you will need ID.


Click onto Signs and Symptons on the Menu - neurological ones come first ...

Check out Sally Pacholok film on YouTube - Could it be B12 ? There is a book too - same name.


I get tingly when my histamine issues are about to hit, all over my hands feet, around my mouth and scalp. Then the ecxema hits. My daughter gets tingly when her arthritis is about to hit. I would definitly say in my expierence its disease activity during or before a flare.


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