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Don't know where to go

I've been with my GP for ten to fifteen years. A few years ago our surgeries merged, now the town has one super surgery, only it's not super by any means.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's more than ten years ago, my GP is "controling" it. He dosen't like it because I am prescribed T3, which is expensive, because I don't tolerate T4. I have other health issues, Psoriasis peripheral neuropathy and others.

The problem is I don't think my GP cares or is handling things very well. I know he only reads the TSH for thyroid bloods, so perhaps not well informed on that. But he has never suggested any solutions for my other problems, he even refused me cream for psoriasis.

As this is a super surgery there is no alternative .

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Hi there, it must be possible surely to request another doctor within the supersurgery. I think there are 6 or 7 doctors in my own group. I know which one I like & always make my appointments with her, although she is the most popular, so I usually have to wait some time, before she's available. I think it's really important to like & trust your doctor, so it's worth making an effort to find one who suits you. Good luck!

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