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Intro- First time post

I feel foggy. Like I'm drunk, or hungover, or on cold medicine. Headaches, lightheadedness, fatigue.

This is my 13th year of this, and I have been worked up for EVERYTHING!!! I've seen MD's and Naturopathic physicians.

For a while I thought I had an autoimmune "sticky blood" issue, but top LA rheumy said no, and suggested maybe dysautonomia/POTS. Here is what I know:

-I have MTHFR/COMT mutations (can cause anxiety/depression)- on support.

-Had some mild adrenal issues, treatment yielded no significant response.

-I have tested all GI function and done every elimination diet challenge. Have SIBO/IBS but well controlled.

-I have scoliosis and had T1-L2 spinal fusion, so do have some pain, but manageable without meds.

-History insomnia very well controlled with Melatonin.

-History anxiety/panic- well controlled.

I have tried a variety of meds and supplements, and even weekly IV therapy without any significant response.

I DID have a 4 day period of "clear brain" back in Aug 2013 after the diagnosis with "sticky blood" and started aspirin. Felt literally "cured" but soon relapsed.

I take Zoloft 200mg PM along with supplements (vitamin D, hormone balancing, fish oil, etc).

I just don't know where to turn. I'm beyond frustrated and disappointed and looking for answers to this mystery.

Thank you.


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How are your thyroid levels ? There are over 300 symptoms linked to low thyroid and T3 - the active thyroid hormone is needed in every cell of your body ?

Ferritin - Folate - VitD - B12 - all need to be OPTIMAL to have any chance of feeling good :-)


Oh my I feel for you so much! It is frustrating and scary. I just turned 50 and thought I was just getting old, my hormones were changing making my hyoglycemia much worse causing balloon head feeling, and that I really needed to eat better and stop drinking wine. Then my system collapsed after a panic attach while driving the task of putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle on my health began!

I have MTHFR and chorionic fatigue. I deal with brain fog, balloon head, and love the way you described this feeling... I can never put words to describe it exactly. I have severe hypoglycemia and have since I was 20, but getting better now with better supplements my body is absorbing now. I have fatigue a lot and am learning to pace myself and take rest and set limits to what I can do, which is hard.

You said a lot but I have several questions and suggestions based on some things I've done and discovering for myself. First, I've realized the holistic practitioners and even the specialists doctors are limited. I have to get bits from each one plus research and put the bigger picture together. Doctors can tell you that you have MTHFR or other diseases but they don't tell you what to do to heal your body systems! They just know to prescribe drugs. I had to be on anxiety meds with debilitating anxiety but now I'm off due to restoring my body and giving it what I need.

Dr. Patricia Salvato in Houston is a specialist in MTHFR, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Lyme and other auto immune issues. I take glutathione, ATP in and injection. MTHFR people have absorption issues bigger than what's been revealed to this point I think. I'm trying to start digestive enzymes to aid in absorption. Specifically B12 and B Folate are not absorbed so they must be taken in the methyl form! This lack of absorption of B's over a lifetime especially is specifically related to neurological issues. Then there is the issue of detoxing which those MTHFR can't do well. I go to a place that has an infrared sauna and sweat as often as I can. There are other specific detoxes I need to take on... colonics, kelation.

The MUST DO is to get this CD or book: Brain Maker by Dr. David Perlmutter. The content within I've discovered has been the most amazing yet! Also The Brain Fog Fix by Dr. Mike Dow. The diet but more specifically the microbiome of your intestine, the type of bacteria present or absent in our intestines is aparently way more key to these and various other illnessses than ever thought before. My next thing is going to be following his suggestion of a probiotic enemas to get the right bacteria into my intestines to heal my body. We need to be on a 70% plant based diet and zero processed foods! I thought I ate well until now.

I also recomend the Nuta Eval test by Genova. My contact who is a biochemist & nutritionist who can order the test & consults via skype and can interpret and recommend proper supplements based on results is Gail Clayton 281-346-7485. The Elisa/ACT blood test is a $900 expensive test but a revealing broad test for all types of allergens to food and chemicals.

Checking your viral load is key especially with fatigue! I was going 100 mph until I had an event that caused my system to tank. Dr. Salvato tested me and my Epistine Bar virus was 3 times higher than normal, attacking my liver. These viruses we all carry, once elevated attach our various organs and require specific supplement. Like for me glutathione which my liver was not producing enough due to the viral attack... which then causes cell death and lots of symptoms.

It's a journey! I wish someone had all the answers. Wishing you wellness and look forward to hearing a reply with anything you have to share.


Have you also tried food elimination...most common for brain fog and fatigue are Gluten and or dairy. ..its worth trying.


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