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Hopeful neuropathy sufferer

I have peripheral neuropathy in my right foot. A non specific one, although I do have an underactive thyroid that may be a contributing factor. I have been through a minor hell with this. Ice packs seemed to help for a time. I tried medication. Amytriptyline.. But I was getting arrhythmias and decided to man it out. I'm on omeprazole and I read that it can hamper absorption of minerals in the stomach. So I took a daily B12. No improvement. The latest experiment is iron supplements and don't laugh.. Magnetic insoles. My symptoms have improved considerably. As I type this I have a sensation in my right big toe that is sub-painful, and some nights I forget I have this horrible condition. Fingers crossed 🤞

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I am not laughing... l am a fan of magnets too. I take B12 & CoQ10. I started taking Tumeric yeasterday. Seems all we can do is try to figure out what works for us. Good luck.

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Have you ever tried CBD oil? (i am also a peripherial neuropathy patient...)


I need some imput. I have an Ulcer on my (R) foot bottom. I need something better then Silver to get to heal. I have home health care nurses 3 days a week. Edward


Is your thyroid optimally treated ? When Hypo - stomach acid is usually low so the PPI ould be making things worse. Which B12 are you taking and how much ? Did you test first ?


What insoles do you use? I looked on ebay and there are a lot of different ones, mostly promising weight loss, which doesn't inspire confidence!

Do you think it is the magnets or perhaps stimulating pressure points? I am open minded to alternative therapies, although, like you, I am sceptical of the benefits of magnets, but am willing to suspend disbelief and try anything that may help. The conventional approach of suppressing feelings of pain in the brain by drugs with unpleasant side effects doesn't appeal to me at all.


Hi all I'll combine my answers. The insoles are KOBWA Magnetic Therapy Massage. I only have them in a pair of shoes I wear at work. B12: I had a blood test at my GP surgery. By pure chance the receptionist mentioned that my B12 was borderline. None of the doctors or nurses saw fit to mention it. Had I not spoken to a talkative receptionist I would still be unaware. Can't recall the brand but they are just small sublingual supplements. My B12 results are now on the high side so I'm taking fewer of them. My money is on the iron. I have not tried CBD oil. My (inexpert) advice would be check that any of your medications have a tendency to reduce stomach absorption of minerals, and then have your blood serum checked for levels of those minerals. Nerve function depends on trace minerals. Alternatively use trial and error! It's possible that my improvement in symptoms would have happened anyway without any intervention. Who knows? Good luck


I take B12, ALA, Evening Primrose, Fish oil and magnesium. The neuropathy doesn't seem to have got any worse, but who knows whether the supplements are doing that or if it would be the same without! I will try some insoles and let you know if they make any difference.


Once you are supplementing B12 - further testing will show a skewed result. The test reveals the amount of B12 in the blood and ONLY 20% is available to be transferred to the cells where it is needed. This is mentioned in the Guidelines for GP's :-)

Also take Folic Acid or Folate/B9 with the B12 lozenge as they work together in the body in an important way. A good B complex would be good to keep all the B's in balance.

You didn't answer about your thyroid - is it optimal ? Your PPI could be affecting more than the B12. Also test Folate - Ferritin and VitD. When Hypo - people are usually low in stomach acid and not high - however the symptoms are the same. Recent research has shown a link between Alzheimers and PPI's - probably due to malabsorption of nutrients.

Do you have Hashimotos ?


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