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Newbie with fibro and arthritis

Hi I have had fibro and all its add ons IBS etc for 23 years and osteoarthritis for 5 I refuse to let the pain despite being unable to take most meds get me down for too long. if anyone has osteoarthritis in their neck would be glad of any hints tips as my GP refuses to refer me for neck removal. And am on temporary steroids now so imagine a fish with hamster pouches and that pretty much sums me up ATM ...


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morining v grumpy can I recommend another site you can use also it is health unlocked nras site, I am both.. ali x


Hi VeryGrumpy. I didn't realise fibromyalgia also included IBS. I have IBS, OA in feet, and either same in hands or (I suspect it'll be diagnosed as fibro as I was told years ago that I had rheumatism).

Must be awful in your neck. At least mine is in my extremities!

Summer- what's the Nras site. I can't find that one on health unlocked communities.



It's the HealthUnlocked community for rheumatoid arthritis:


Thanks for your answers both rowantree mine started in my feet went up to my knee then thumbs , now neck am hoping in a couple of years it will realise it is at the top of me and promptly fall off my head and I will be free..:D

Summer am looking for the site you recommend now thank you :)

VG x


You sound just like me, I have the same problem along with two bulging discs in my lumbar region of spine. Like you I cannot tolerate most meds I have been prescribed in the past. I cannot give you any ideas about what to do, as its just a case of getting on with it, taking painkillers when needed, listening to my body and resting when needed, and pacing myself. Take care and dont worry about what you look like..............its what you are on the inside and you seem to have a great sense of humour.


Very-grumpy you should change your name to very-funny. Your comment made me laugh out loud! Love the image of the pain falling off the top of your head! Great. Maybe we should try relaxation imaging including that! Haha.



I too have osteoarthritis in the neck and find it tends to cause my shoulders to lock and I wake most mornings in pain in the shoulders, also they tend to tingle and hurt when I'm typing like this, for example, or driving. One thing I do find helpful is to counter the tendency to sag - whenever I stand up I pull myself into a vertical stretch as if my body is made of elastic and I am suprised how that eases some of the stiffness and pain. I find hot water bottles always ease things, also having a pillow behind me and sleeping halfway between my side and back helpful, my physio recommended that position. Otherwise I just find changing position and sitting moving around to music helps, often I dance around in the chair while typing just to ensure my position keeps changing. The most important thing I do is to get psychological support too.



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