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Petition to make the govt follow the UN recommendations

Further to recent posts and comments from others, I have just come across this petition. It is in response the recent report from the UN saying that the government are guilty of grave and systematic violations of disabled people's human rights.

If you wish to protest this then please sign this petition and share it with your family and friends as much as you are able. As it is on the parliament website then they have to respond if it reaches 10,000 signatures, and if it reaches 100,000 they have to debate it in parliament.

The only thing I will say ladies and gents, is please remember the forum rules about not discussing politics and other controversial topics. Bearing that in mind, if you wish to comment or reply, please keep it as non political as possible.

Thank you.

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You say it is a petition before Parliament in the UK. I am in the US. I don't think it would be appropriate for me to sign this, even if I was sure of exactly what it is about, which I'm not.


You're not able to sign this unless you are a UK citizen as it is about the UNs condemnation of the UK governments treatment of the sick and disabled. Which probably explains why you are not aware of what it is about. Thank you for considering it though.


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