Please Help suffering from Suicidal Nerve Pain!

I suffer suicidal levels from surgery to my leg, that went badly wrong. I ended up after two arterial hemorrhages, several ops. and and septicaemia. I was told what did I expect after being cut open several times, and the surgeon said almost certain caught in Op. Theater. (I was close to death). I suffer from cronic neuropathic pain, and take Pregabalin and Oxicodon (large doses of both). In the last 15 months I know suffer from pereferal neuropathy, I have been told that it may be from major nerve damage, possible drugs, or most likely septis. Can anyone help in helping me with this dreadful pain. ie a different drug approach, I am at my wit's end. Please somebody help me !!

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  • Having had surgeries your B12 will be depleted. A level below 500 can become a neurological condition. Docs rarely know or understand this as I know to my cost.

    B12 is involved in the Myelin Sheath - a protective covering of the nerves.

    This may not be a cure but it could help. B12 injections would be best ....

    Take a look at the PAS forum to confirm my thoughts.

  • Thankyou for your help have had B12 injections. No help!

  • Thankyou.Doc gave me a course plus tabs, afraid no good. Forgot to add in course of op federal nerve severed?

  • How long were you taking the B12 injections ? As B12 is involved in the myelin sheath that protects the nerves - then healing will not take place quickly. I had spinal surgery for stenosis and have been having weekly B12 injections for over three years.

    I appreciate having the problem with the Femoral nerve does add to your problem - but having B12 will not do harm as it is water soluble and excreted. Also you need a Good B Complex to compliment the B12.

  • Thankyou for your answer. A long time, know getting worse, month on month. Many thanks for your help & interest.

  • Thank you, this is helpful to me!

  • Have you tried B12 injections? I have none diabetic neurapthy from surgery nerve damage. I had tried a lot of different drugs and one day I heard about the B12 treatment. I had to change it a little for me. I started with 1 injection a day for 5 days, then 1 injection per week, but it was supposed to be 1 every month. For me I was never able to do the one injection every month, I stayed with 1 a week. This works best for me. The numbnessis still there ,but the pain of burning and electrical shooting pain and throbbing are gone. Best of luck to you because doctors only know drugs. Also you can not leave out prayer. God Bless!

  • Have had B12 treatment. No help afraid. Thankyou

  • Have you tried 10mg methadone every 8 hours plus Cymbalta?

    Doesn't get rid of all the pain but does help eleviate it a bit so the suicidal thought aren't there 24-7! Im also on Effexor, not thinking of killing myself every waking moment due to failed spinal fusion anf periphial neuropathy.

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