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Chronic Pain Treatment Survey


Hi All,

Please feel free to take part in my anonymous study. I am looking at experiences of Chronic Pain treatment. We're hoping that the information we gain from this survey will help develop better treatments for Chronic Pain.

Thank You!


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Until blood test results for Thyroid are correctly done and then understood by GP's and Endos - one source of pain will not be revealed. T3 is the Active thyroid hormone needed in every cell of the body - if low in range then there is not enough to go around all the cells. The brain demands the most - then the gut - the source of so much pain due to inflammation throughout the body.

Testing of nutrients at GP level are not routinely tested and worse still not understood if they are. Testing results are deemed *normal* if in range - sadly it is WHERE we are in range that is key. B12 is often used in some countries as a pain relief - try getting that in the UK - a result below 500 can present with neurological symptoms as I know to my cost. I can buy B12 OTC here in Greece and keep pain at bay with weekly injections. Sadly BIG Pharma rules as they have a pill for all those different pains that in turn cause more pain as toxicity increases.

Apologies for the rant - Group Therapy does have its place but will not increase B12 levels - or VitD - or T3.

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Hi Marz!

Thank you for your reply! That’s really helpful!

Our survey is not just about experiences of Group Therapy treatment but also perceptions of it as a treatment so if you would like to take part and let us know more about your perceptions of group therapy as a treatment that would be a great help! We would love to know more about why you still believe it has a place despite this!

Again thank you for your reply!

Best Wishes

Charlotte :)


I only believe Group Therapy has a place - in the absence of anything better - from what I read. As we learn on these Fora - many people learn more from each other than they do from a GP - who only wants to earn funding points and hand out pills that earn the most :-) Finding the root cause seems to escape most of them and impossible to sort in a 10 minute appointment.

Sorry not able to participate - I live in Crete - does that make any difference !


I have lived with chronic pain for 0ver 30 years, but have never heard of, much less had any kind of group therapy for it, so I will not be completing your survey. I wish you luck.

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No worries at all! Thank you :)


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