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Overwhelmed and in despair

I am a very strong person and have overcome horrific experiences in my life but the recent events are having me just exhausted and not able to fight anymore. Too long of story, however i habe a-typical antibody discovery now have not only major panic disorder, depression, and PTSD but peripheral neuropathy such pain gapentin makes me too tired tens unit only slight relief, creams dont work arthritis too balance problems but pain is so bad ..on medicaid so insurance doesnt pay for many prescriptions tried all natural remedies etc help. I want to live

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Orthopedic shoes help my neuropathy a little, but I find that the more I stretch and exercise the better I feel overall. Lots of magnesium and turmeric, B vitamins, D3, diclofenac (anti inflammatory) helps my arthritis a LOT. You just have to try different things but for me, the more I sit the worse I feel. I wish we could have Drs feel how bad neuropathy is, I think they would help us better. No one has a clue how bad this is until you have it. Just keep trying. Research. Pray. I have non diabetic neuropathy and Drs are clueless as to the cause. Hope you find something to ease your distress.


I have almost got rid of my peripheral neuropathy by losing weight on a low carb not keto diet. My favourite recipes are from Michael Moseleys blood sugar diet cookbook written by his wife. I am no longer pre diabetic either. Strength building high intensity interval training has also helped


Me too. I suffered from severe neuropathy radiating from my spine to my stomach and in my feet. I stopped gabapentine and alcohol and started a low carb / low sugar diet. Plus high doses of vit B12. First as injections intra muscular and now orally. I do about 1.5 hrs of exercise per day and the has almost gone.

Good luck!


You poor thing ❤️ I have no experience in your illnesses but I saw your picture and just wanted to give you a big cuddle ❤️


I had PN in my feet with numbness pain and coldness, all of which I could live with w/o rxs until around January this year. After a short walk late the pain in my feet went to the unbearable level. I was at the doctor’s office next morning negotiating for potent drugs until I could see a neurologist. He gave me Percocet which kept me from going to the hospital.

I have since seen a great young neurologist and had nerve conduction studies. Separately, I got a referral from him and GP for pain clinic, associated with hospital. They put me on Oxycodone, 10mg every 12 hours and Methadone, 3 x day. The pain is now 1/3 of what it was, which is tolerable. I’m trying to work Topiramate in and eventually get rid of opiates, which are surprisingly cheap even when paying cash. (Total is <$100 for all rxs. Insurance is too much hassle.)

If your pain is unbearable you could try this type approach - even start with your GP for a referral to legit pain clinic. (BTW, There’s a good thread on Neuropathy on reddit.com, for much more discussion on Neuropathy. Also, look above here for recent reference by me on short but comprehensive booklet online for everything neuropathy by 7 neurologists.

It’s really excellent and is thorough.). Best wishes for a relief plan soon.


I don't have the illnesses that you suffer with, but I feel for you, and I'm hopeful you find answers. But I had to write because your user name is so similar to mine. Cats are the bomb.


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